Internet Security

Security in Internet

Today internet is as insecure as the physical world. So it will be prudent to hide your physical identity only to well-known secure providers like Google, Yahoo!, Amazon etc. For that you could follow these guidelines:

  • Never make public your address, phone numbers or employer's name. Your point of contact should be email or IM only.
  • Try to use anonymizing services while voicing your opinion.

Copyright Violation

If you notice that your creation has been plagiarized, follow these guidelines:

  • Take screenshots of the culprit's website and document everything about the incident.
  • Ask that person to take out your creation, as soon as possible.
  • Invite media attention by contacting them personally.
    • Ask other bloggers' help to support you, in whatever way they could. They might be able to help you with at least a statement of protest in their blog.
  • Initiate court proceedings. This would be your last resort.

Flag an objectionable blog

When you find an objectionable blog please flag it using topbar.

If you don't find the top bar where you can flag the, please copy paste following code:

javascript:document.getElementById('navbar-iframe').setAttribute('style','display:block !important;');

Orkut impersonation

Use this link to report it with enough documents to support it. For further help on abuse reporting, use this link.