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Spiritual Unfoldment

Spiritual unfoldment is the process by which a person may become more aware of their spiritual nature - more aware of the spirit within themselves. Two groups of advanced spirit guides have independently given remarkably similar practices to those seeking spiritual unfoldment. The practices combine meditation , relaxation , spiritual healing , and spirit communication. These practices are described in the following books:

  • "Meditation" by Grace Cooke.
  • "The New Mediumship" also by Grace Cooke provides interesting background information.
  • "With Folded Wings" by Stewart Edward White (See the chapter on Meditation and references there to Anchors to Windward.)
  • "Anchors To Windward" by Stewart Edward White.

The similarity between these practices is that in them, the practitioner acts as a conduit for "healing light" or "flow-through from the Source" with the intention that it be used for the highest good. When you do this, you identify yourself as someone who desires to be a spiritual worker. This attracts spirit guides who will become your co-workers and who will help you develop in ways that will make you a better spiritual worker.

To try this yourself you should first read the pages on spiritual healing and relaxation. Then read Exercise 3 on the Communicating with Spirits page. (You don't have to communicate with spirits to do this healing meditation.)

This type of anonymous healing may seem somewhat theoretical and abstract at first. But, consider the fact that there are many cases of spontaneous remissions and other unexplained healings that have been observed to occur. Any healing that results from this practice could make a world of difference to the person that receives it. Remembering that the healing is intended for an actual person somewhere in the world will help you to remain focused and maintain the intensity of your intention as you do this practice.

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