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Spirit Rescue

Spirit rescue is the process of helping earth bound or undeveloped spirits complete their transition into the spirit world and get them started on the path of eternal progress. You don't have to be psychic to do this sort of work.

The simplest way to help earth bound spirits is to pray for them. If you suspect an earth bound spirit at a certain location, the following prayer may help them:

"Oh God, please send angels or spirit guides to help any earth bound spirits at [name the location here] to cross over to the spirit planes."

You can modify this prayer according to whatever information you have about the identity or location of the earth bound spirit.

If you want to try communicating with earth bound spirits, that can be done too. Author and psychic Susy Smith, in her book "Confessions of a Psychic", explains that spirits can hear you when you speak aloud, and you can help troubled spirits by speaking or reading aloud and explaining the facts of the afterlife to them. Before you begin rescue work you should read "Confessions of a Psychic" and also "Thirty Years Among the Dead" by Carl Wickland. The latter book is available free on the Internet. To begin helping troubled spirits, you should set aside a certain time every day and read aloud the "sermon" below.

  • Hello my friends. How are you? How is everyone? Welcome, welcome, welcome. You are all welcome, Everyone is welcome here. And, I hope you are all doing well today.
  • Okay, let's start right away with our prayer.

    • Oh God,
    • Please send angels or ministering spirits to help any earth bound spirits who need help crossing to the spirit planes.
    • Including all spirits who are confused after leaving their earth body.
    • And please help all spirits in the astral plane, the earth plane, and the lower spheres to understand their mistakes, to atone, and please ease their suffering.
    • Amen
    • Now, if anyone who can hear me is lost and confused and stuck and doesn't know where to go or what to do, or if you’re in the dark and you want to get out:
    • Understand that you have gone through the change called death, you are not in your earth body, you are in your spirit body and you are now a spirit.
    • In order to improve your situation you need to complete your transition into the spirit world where you will find a community based on love and we want you to join it.
    • But first you have to raise your thoughts above your own self interests and earthly past.
    • You must be willing to forgive others and forgive yourself,.
    • And you have to recognize your mistakes and be willing help others to earn your advancement.
    • There will be many ways for you to help others as a spirit to make up for any problems you had on earth.
    • Everyone will eventually advance to the highest levels, but when you decide to start making progress is up to you.
    • Anyone with your characteristics put in the conditions you experienced would have done what you did. There is nothing to be ashamed of. God understands this and loves you. If you ever need help, you can always ask God to help you and he will send you help.
    • Because of your characteristics and experiences, you are unique and we want you to bring your acquired knowledge and experience into the community.
    • Now, look around for loved ones or friends who have passed on before you, they have come here now to help you, so go with them and follow their guidance.
    • And, remember, you are loved by those of us who are working to help you and we want you to join the community of spirits that are growing and evolving.
    • And, that's all I have for today so we'll end with one more prayer:
      • Oh God, please give healing,
      • To all the spirits who came to hear this message today.
      • And to all earthbound spirits.
      • And to all spirits in the lower spheres.
      • For their highest good.
      • Amen
      • Thank you my friends, and may God bless you all.
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