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Spiritual Development

If you've never investigated the scientific evidence, proving the existence of spirits and the afterlife you might be surprised to learn how much solid evidence there is. There was sufficient evidence reported by highly reputable scientists for afterlife research to have been accepted by mainstream science as long ago as 1922. It is very easy to read a brief description of the evidence for the paranormal and dismiss it by assuming some normal explanation. However, if you put in the time and effort to learn more, you will find that there have been many careful investigations that rule out the conventional explanations. A good way to learn more about this evidence is to look at these free e-books and other sources of information:

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This web site is a practical guide to spiritual development. It explains how to develop yourself in ways that will benefit you in the afterlife. It describes things you can do that will help you to develop spiritually, including how to become a spiritual worker and attract guides to help you in that work. There are chapters that will show you how to do spiritual healing, how to communicate with your spirit guides and other spirits.

Theoretical information needed to understand the purpose and mechanism of these practices is also provided. Wherever possible, common sense, empirical, or scientific explanations are provided rather than mystical explanations or references to ancient lore. There are numerous references to additional sources of information including many free e-books and news articles on the internet.

There are also links to Blogs with articles on spirituality, the afterlife, and parapsychology.

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Table of Contents

Part I: About Spiritual Development

Quick Start

What Is Spiritual Development?

Adventures of a Student Medium

The Principles Of Spiritualism (Be Prepared for the Afterlife)

Christians Need Not Reject the Phenomena of Spiritualism

Further Adventures of a Student Medium: The Dark Side


Natural Law

Use the Law of Attraction Wisely

Part II: Things You Can Do


Spiritual Healing: You Can Do It

Adventures of a Student Healer


Develop the Habit of Being Relaxed

Communicating With Spirit Guides Through Writing

A Natural Method of Communicating With Spirits

Spiritual Unfoldment


Spirit Rescue (Ghost Busting)

The Power of Thought

Articles From My Blog

What to do if You Start Developing Psychic Abilities

What to do About Unwanted Spirit Contacts

How to Make a Psi Wheel And Measure Your Energy Field

A Synthesis of Spiritual Healing and Qi Gong: Learn to Sense Healing Energy with Your Hands

Part III: Evidence for the Afterlife

Evidence for the Afterlife

Eminent Researchers

Skeptical Fallacies

Skeptical Misdirection

Suppressed Parapsychology

Web Guide to The Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research

Life in B Flat

Anecdotes in Psychical Research

Articles From My Blog

Mrs. Piper: Proof of Survival After Death

Super-psi does not Explain the Evidence for the Afterlife

Consciousness is not Produced by the Brain

Science and the Afterlife

Part IV: More Information

Short Topics

Varieties of Mystical Experiences

Recommended Reading

Book Reviews

Recommended E-Libraries and Blogs


Weblog Posts



This book explains methods by which anyone may develop their psychic abilities, but more importantly it also explains how the ordinary person without highly developed psychic abilities can become a spiritual worker. You don't have to be a professional medium to work with spirits.

Some spiritual teachers, Spiritualist churches, and books on spirituality do not explain this fact. Among people in the general population, there is a wide range of levels to which psychic abilities are developed. There are many different ways a person can work with spirits and each of these requires a different level of psychic ability. It is not well understood and not often discussed, but many of these ways of working with spirits require little or no psychic ability at all. By focusing on tasks that require highly developed psychic abilities, such as a psychic medium giving readings to other people, the teaching of tasks that require little psychic ability are neglected, and the vast majority of the general population remains ignorant of the many, many opportunities for them to work with spirits.

There is no need for the ordinary person to remain ignorant of this fact. Spiritual healing and spirit rescue can be done without any overt psychic ability. Communicating with spirit guides can be done by most people who make the effort and who may not realize they have any psychic ability at all. This information is not well understood and it is a goal of this book to show you that working with spirits is for everyone.

If this information were known by the general public, the number of spiritual workers and the amount of spiritual work accomplished would increase substantially. Because most people do not understand they have the capacity to do spiritual work, there are relatively few people involved in that work. Increasing the number of spiritual workers and the amount of spiritual work accomplished would have many benefits for all people, those on earth and those in the afterlife.

Free E-Books


"The Survival Top 40" by Miles Edward Allen http://www.survivaltop40.com/

A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife by Victor J. Zammit victorzammit.com

The Blue Island by W.T. Stead through the mediumship of Pardoe Woodman and Estelle Stead The W. T. Stead Resource Site

Spirit Teachings by William Stainton Moses meilach.com

More Spirit Teachings by William Stainton Moses www.meilach.com

Our Unseen Guest by Darby and Joan Spiritwritings.com

The Betty Book by Stewart White Project Gutenberg of Australia

The Seven Purposes by Margaret Cameron Spiritwritings.com

Life Beyond the Veil, vol 1 by Rev. G. Vale Owen Spiritwritings.com

Life Beyond the Veil, vol 2 by Rev. G. Vale Owen Spiritwritings.com

Life Beyond the Veil, vol 3 by Rev. G. Vale Owen Spiritwritings.com

Letters from a Living Dead Man by Elsa Barker Spiritwritings.com

War Letters from a Living Dead Man by Elsa Barker Earthly Pursuits

Last Letters from a Living Dead Man by Elsa Barker Spiritwritings.com

The History of Spiritualism Vol I by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The History of Spiritualism Vol II by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Spiritual Unfoldment

"Meditation" by Grace Cooke.

"The New Mediumship" also by Grace Cooke provides interesting background information.

"With Folded Wings" by Stewart Edward White (See the chapter on Meditation and references there to Anchors to Windward.)

"Anchors To Windward" by Stewart Edward White.

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