Instructions for Presenters

If your paper (or panel / workshop / tutorial summary) has been accepted for presentation at the upcoming CCSC-Eastern Conference, congratulations and please read the following information carefully.

Be sure to review and follow the paper format instructions for the conference. Remember to un-anonymize your camera-ready paper submission.

Due to how the The Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges is constructed, the final version of your paper (normally called the camera-ready copy, but we won't use that term) requires very specific instructions to be followed. These steps need to be completed by deadline provided for submitting the final version, usually in mid-June.

Copyright Form:

A hard copy of the copyright form, duly signed and dated needs to be submitted to the conference committee. All the co-authors of a paper must sign and return the copyright form. However, all the signatures need not appear on the same form. Papers will not be included in the proceedings until copyright form(s) signed by all the authors are received. Click here to find a current copy of the Copyright Release Form.


Registration through the normal conference channels is required, and available, from the registration page.

Registration Fee:

In order to maintain minimal registration fees for the conference, there are no complimentary registrations for speakers, moderators, panelists or members of the Steering Committee. It is therefore essential that speakers', moderators', and panelists' registrations be received prior to assembly of the Proceedings, which will be available at the conference. At least one author of each paper must register when submitting the final (camera-ready) copy. Papers will not be included in the proceedings until the registration fee is received.

Please upload all electronic items and USmail the completed copyright form to the CCSCE Papers Chair at the following address:

Information will be available as we get closer to the conference.

Audio / Visual Requirements

Each conference room will be equipped with at least:

Please do not assume that there will be computers or laptops available. For additional A/V facilities, please contact the conference chair(s). We will try to accommodate all reasonable requests.

Photocopying your handouts

If you plan to provide handouts at your talk, please consider photocopying your handouts before coming to the conference. Photocopying facilities at the conference will likely be either unsolvable (i.e., unavailable) or at least infeasible (i.e., expensive and hard to find).

Please contact the CCSC-Eastern Papers Chair with any questions.