Year 4, Shot Glass 2

What is it that Alexander Haig once said? "I am in command." The Wells are having problems hacking it in the Basin Big Leagues this year (see below), so they've been sent down to the Texas Leagues for a while to work on their fundamentals (like proper footgear for feederwatching at Matt Young's). In the meantime, I've been called upon to pinch hit for them. For those of you still getting used to the new Cup/Shot Glass rotation, the Shot Glass is designed as a quick update of Cuppers' totals in between issues of The Cup (which now comes out every other month).

March is supposed to come in like a lion, and go out like a lamb, but in birding terms, it's just the opposite- things are still fairly quiet for the first few weeks of the month, but then some early migrants at the end of March kick off the beginning of 2+ months of spring migration madness. Here is a picture of the relative calm before the real storm:

March 1999 David Cup Totals (Bird 100 is listed for the members of the 100 Club)

113 Matt Young Ross' Goose!

107 Geo Kloppel Red Crossbill

107 Chris Tessaglia-Hymes Ruffed Grouse

104 Kevin McGowan Blue-winged Teal

101 Jay McGowan American Woodcock

100 Chris Butler Eastern Phoebe

98 Matt Medler

96 Jon Kloppel

93 Matt Sarver

90 Tom Nix

89 Steve Kelling

86 Rachel Kloppel

86 Jeff Wells

86 Matt Williams

85 Anne Kendall

82 Ken Rosenberg

82 Allison Wells

79 Bill Evans

78 Nancy Dickinson

78 Marty Schlabach

74 Meena Haribal

73 Bard Prentiss

72 Pat Lia

67 Brian Mingle

66 Tringa

63 Andy Farnsworth

62 Aaron Kloppel

61 Jim Lowe

60 Kim Kline

57 Martha Fischer

55 Carol Bloomgarden

54 Terry Mingle

54 Sam Kelling

48 Taylor Kelling

47 Perri McGowan

46 Melanie Uhlir

45 Anne James

37 Ben Taft

31 Swift (Kitty Cup)

30 Teddy Wells (Kitty Cup)

25 Mimi Wells (Kitty Cup)

21 Rob Scott

0 Ralph Paonessa

March 1999 McIlroy Award Totals

76 Kevin McGowan

66 Bill Evans

66 Jay McGowan

65 Allison Wells

56 Ken Rosenberg

55 Matt Medler

54 Jim Lowe

53 Martha Fischer

52 Jeff Wells

37 Chris Butler

March 1999 Evans Trophy Totals

85 Matt Young

75 Kevin McGowan

71 Jay McGowan

68 Bard Prentiss

57 Ken Rosenberg

45 Allison Wells

Lansing Listers

73 Kevin McGowan

52 Jay McGowan

44 Matt Williams

Etna Challenge

31 Allison Wells

0 Matt Young

Yard Lists

56 Kelling Family, Caroline, NY

48 McGowan/Kline Family, Drdyen, NY

48 Geo Kloppel & Pat Lia West Danby, NY

47 Nancy Dickinson, Mecklenberg, NY

47 Rosenberg/James Family, Dryden, NY

41 Fredericks Family, Van Etten, NY

33 Carol Bloomgarden, Etna, NY

31 Wells Family, Etna, NY

Office Totals

41 Tan Trailer, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

33 Green Trailer, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

16 Allison Wells, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

6 Matt Medler, Cornell Lab of Ornithology (some

of us are too hard at work to be birding from our offices (and we don't have windows back in LNS))

Good birding!