Year 4, Shot Glass 1


The Shot Glass, Vol. 1

January 1999 Totals

Coeditors: Allison Wells, Matt Medler

Fire eater: Matt Medler


CUPPER SUPPER: Don't forget to mark your calendar for the 3rd Annual Cupper Supper! February 28, antics starting at 5pm. Bring a dish to pass (if you all bring desserts, so be it!) We'll have wine and soft drinks as usual, but we don't dare supply the beer, what with the likes of connoisseur Kevin McGowan roaming the premises. We also encourage you to save the world by bringing your own reusable eating utensils. We'll be awarding fabulous prizes, they'll be lots of good music, and we may be able to coherse Ken Rosenberg into a table dance or two...or maybe not. Meanwhile, to help with the foolishness, please send responses to the following question to

You know you're a birder if ...

(Example: You know you're a birder if your idea of a dream vacation is to a parasite-infested, hot, rainy tropical forest.)

COUNT FOR THE BIRDS: This weekend (Feb 19-22) is the 2nd Annual Backyard Bird Count! What better way to get your yard totals up than by participating? Everything you need to know is at the web site <>. We'll be looking for your read dot...

David Cup

Compiled by Matt Medler

Last year's birding sensation, Matt Young, promised that he was going to take it easy this year. Sure, Matt. So where do we find Matt at the end of January but at the top of the leaderboard, with a new record total for the month. Suddenly, 100 birds in January doesn't seem so impossible after all. Throw in a few winter finches, two or three more owls, and a couple of odd birds that Matt missed, and Kurt Fox doesn't seem so crazy after all.

88 Matt Young

86 Tom Nix

80 Chris Tessaglia-Hymes

79 Bill Evans

75 Matt Medler

73 Jon Kloppel

72 Jay McGowan

70 Bard Prentiss

67 Kevin McGowan

63 Andy Farnsworth

63 Geo Kloppel

60 Jeff Wells

59 Nancy Dickinson

57 Martha Fischer

57 Allison Wells

56 Rachel Kloppel

55 Marty Schlabach

52 Kim Kline

46 Tringa

44 Anne Kendall

42 Meena Haribal

41 Chris Butler

40 Aaron Kloppel

37 Ben Taft

28 Perri McGowan

27 Jim Lowe

24 Swift

11 Teddy

9 Mimi

McIlroy Award

Compiled by Matt Medler

Stop me if you've heard this one before--Bill Evans jumps out to a big McIlroy total in January, starts talking some trash, and then leaves the Basin. He is to be commended for setting what he claims is the new McIlroy record for the month. But as I try to tell greenhorn Matt Sarver, it's not about the January total, or the February total, or even the November total. This is a marathon. Let's see where Bill ends up come December 31.

66 Bill Evans

53 Martha Fischer

45 Jay McGowan

43 Matt Medler

40 Allison Wells

39 Jeffrey Wells

36 Kevin McGowan

25 Jim Lowe

Evans Trophy

Compiled by Bard Prentiss

37 Jay McGowan

35 Kevin McGowan

35 Bard Prentiss


Lansing Listers

56 Kevin McGowan

52 Jay McGowan