Park Preserve, May 20th 2012

- By Laura Stenzler

On Sunday, May 20, 15 enthusiastic birders joined me for a Cayuga Bird Club walk around the Finger Lakes Land Trust's Roy H. Park Nature Preserve in Dryden. Immediately upon entering the preserve, we heard Prairie Warbler and Blue-winged Warbler. A few minutes later we were treated to a high flying Green Heron, which slowly circled above us, posing nicely for in-flight photos.

We heard more birds than we actually saw, but eventually we enjoyed an amazing view of a Prairie Warbler, which perched and sang from the top of a small evergreen. We had it in the scope and loads of photos were taken. We also enjoyed scope views of Indigo Bunting as well as decent looks at a Blue-winged Warbler. During the walk we heard many Magnolia Warblers, a number of Prairie Warblers, Canada Warblers , Blackburnian Warbler (these last two frustratingly close but invisible!), Ovenbird, Black-throated Green Warbler , Eastern Towhee, Scarlet Tanager, Winter Wren (seen by a few) and Hermit Thrush. Some from the group heard Barred Owl calling and most of us heard and then saw two Black-billed Cuckoos. We heard what was probably a Cape May Warbler singing from the spruces, as well as Golden-crowned Kinglet.

Ebird list (42 species):

Canada Goose 3

Ruffed Grouse X

Green Heron 1

Black-billed Cuckoo 2

Barred Owl X Heard

Ruby-throated Hummingbird X

Pileated Woodpecker X

Eastern Wood-Pewee X

Great Crested Flycatcher X

Blue-headed Vireo X

Red-eyed Vireo X

Blue Jay X

American Crow X

Black-capped Chickadee X

White-breasted Nuthatch X

Winter Wren X

Golden-crowned Kinglet X

Hermit Thrush X

American Robin X

Gray Catbird X

European Starling X

Cedar Waxwing X

Ovenbird X

Louisiana Waterthrush X

Blue-winged Warbler X

Common Yellowthroat X

American Redstart X

Cape May Warbler X Probable, heard but not seen

Magnolia Warbler X

Blackburnian Warbler X

Yellow-rumped Warbler X

Prairie Warbler X

Black-throated Green Warbler X

Canada Warbler X

Eastern Towhee X

Chipping Sparrow X

Field Sparrow X

Song Sparrow X

Dark-eyed Junco X

Scarlet Tanager X

Brown-headed Cowbird X

American Goldfinch X