Meeting minutes Nov 29 2012

Committee members present: Candace Cornell (Chair), Meena Haribal, Linda Orkin, and Marie Read. Discussion items were:

    • The CAC three-prong strategy. The CAC will provide action alerts in the Cayuga Bird Club newsletter on pertinent environmental issues, work on issues as a committee, and get CBC volunteers to help with larger actions, such as invasive species and shoreline cleanups. This month’s CBC article was on the environmental cuts involved in the fiscal cliff.

    • The kinds of environmental issues the CAC will tackle. To begin, we will work on fishing line cleanup, preservation of grassland species, invasive species cleanup at Fuertes preserve and elsewhere, and educating cat owners to keep their cats inside. While we will all work on these issues as a committee, Candace will lead the fishing line effort, Marie will oversee grassland preservation, Meena will spearhead invasive species cleanups, and Linda will be in charge of the outdoor cat problem.

    • Our preliminary research into the hazards of fishing line. Looked at national cleanup program, educating fishing enthusiasts, and establishing fishing line recycling cans in stores and at popular fishing sites. Target date for our shore line clean up is Earth Day. Will talk to local fisherman for their point of view on controlling fishing line.

    • Tactics for preserving grassland birds including postponing mowing dates and maintaining habitats. Will network with local farmers interested in grassland habitat protection before next meeting.

    • Future actions include cleaning up invasive species and educating cat owners about the hazards of outdoor cats to birds.

The need to increase our committee membership. Our next meeting is tentatively scheduled for 7 p.m., Thursday, January 24, at Candace’s home.