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Kobuk Valley

12. Kobuk Valley National Park

Kobuk Valley National Park is well known for its two sand dunes areas and for its historic caribou crossing on the Kobuk River at Onion Portage. Rafting and boating are popular on the Kobuk River. There is abundant wildlife but no marked trails. Access to the park is accomplished by air taxis from Kotzebue and Bettles. Tundra tire planes land on the sand dunes and float planes can land on the Kobuk River. There are 2 Ranger Stations within the park and the park but no marked hiking trails.

Visiting the Dunes - N695AC NPS American Champion Scout 8GCBC  landing on the dunes with tundra tires.

Maps - Kobuk Valley National Park

The Western Arctic Parklands unigrid and the Kobuk Valley NP web site provide maps of the park boundaries.

NPTC boundaries definition for Kobuk Valley National Park

"The Visitor Center in Kotzebue is located outside the National Park boundaries.  You must fly-in to reach this National Park." - NPTC

Air Taxis authorized by NPS - Kobuk Valley National Park

Air Taxis used by NPTC Members

Bettles Air Service - phone 907 479-7018

Brooks Range Aviation - phone 907-692-5444

Arctic Backcountry - 907 442-3200

Arctic Wild - phone  907 479-8203

Golden Eagle Outfitters - phone 719 786-7373

Northwestern Aviation -  phone 907 442-3525

NPTC Member Trip Reports - Kobuk Valley National Park

2016 Don Gardner Used Arctic Backcountry (Eric Sieh out of Kotzebue) Dunes landing

2014 Norman and Danka (Calli) - Landing on the sand dunes

 2007 Bruce and Letty Johnson (BruceandLetty) - Flickr Photos Float plane landing on the Kubuk River near the Onion Portage caribou crossing.