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Glacier Bay National Preserve

9. Glacier Bay National Preserve

General - Glacier Bay Preserve

The usual destination for this unit is the Dry Bay airstrip which serves the commercial cannery and the Dry Bay Ranger Station There is fascinating flightseeing from Yakutat to Dry Bay over Wrangell-St. Elias National Park . The preserve is located at the north end of the Park unit. It’s a well known stop for rafters coming down the Alsek River from Canada.

Alsek Airlines out of Yakutat makes regular trips to Dry Bay to support the cannery factory and the park rangers stationed there. (check on other airlines)

Northern Lights Haven Lodge - “10 pound trip”

Maps for Glacier Bay Preserve

The Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve  web site at and the NPS unigrid both show the location of the Glacier Bay Preserve unit. National Geographic Map for Glacier Bay for sale.

NPTC boundaries definition for Glacier Bay National Park &Preserve

"The Gustavus Visitor Center and Headquarters is located within the designated National Park.  Glacier Bay National Park includes most of the waters within Glacier Bay itself, so boats and cruise ships travelling to Glacier Bay do enter the National Park boundaries.  Glacier Bay National Preserve consists solely of a small parcel of land immediately surrounding the Dry Bay Ranger Station, which is accessible only by air or by the Alaskan Marine Highway System."-NPTC

Air Taxis used by NPTC Members

NPTC Member Trip reports for Glacier Bay Preserve

2015 Jennifer Williams and Pat

2013 - Paul and Donna visit (need trip report link)