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Alagnak Wild River

1. Alagnak Wild River

General - Alagnak Wild River

The Alagnak Wild River NPS unit, known locally as the Branch River, located north of King Salmon and adjacent to the Katmai National Preserve is a popular destination for fishermen. It’s a beautiful flightseeing trip since the river creates spectacular braided patterns as it flows west to the sea. Float planes are usually able to land and beach on the banks of the river but sometimes it is necessary to wear waders to access the shore. There is abundant wildlife to observe. Bruce and Letty saw a small bear chasing a moose across the river at their landing near the Agnes Estrada cabin on their 2007 visit. Because of the current in the River the pilots carefully pick their landing spots and tie down the plane after landing. There are often game trails to explore. The NPS web site gives a useful FAQ on visiting the Alagnak Wild River.

The National Geographic Katmai NP Illustrated Trails map gives an excellent map of the boundaries of the Alagnak Wild River and additional information on the features and uses of this unit.

Online Book - Alagnak Wild River An Illustrated Guide to the Cultural History - by Susan Kedzie-Webb - Mar 2006

For Geocache fans - Geocach at the Agnes Estrada Cabin on the Alagnak River

Bruce and Letty Flickr photos of the Agnes Estrada Cabin on the Alagnak River

Maps - Alagnak Wild River

A map of the Alagnak Wild River is given in the Katmai NP brochure and at the Katmai NP web site. The National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map for Katmai has an excellent map of the Alagnak River.

Google Maps - Alagnak River - near the Agnes Estrada Cabin

NPTC boundaries definition

"There are no visitor centers within the designated River.  The Visitor Center in King Salmon is outside the boundaries.  The designated River begins along the northern boundary of Katmai National Preserve, approximately 5 miles after it flows out of Kukalek Lake, and the designated River  ends approximately 12 miles before it flows into Kvichak River and Bristol Bay.  Note, the designated River includes all stream channels, Katmai Preserve begins at the southern - most bank of the River until the River leaves the Preserve boundary entirely."

Air Taxis authorized by the NPS - Alagnak Wild River

Commercial Use Operators Alagnak Wild River

Air Taxis used NPTC Members from Member Trip Reports

King Salmon Seaplane docks

Branch River Air - phone 907 248-3539

Katmai Air - phone 907 243-0649

NPTC Member Trip Reports - Alagnak Wild River

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2015 Jennifer Williams and Pat

2013 - Paul and Donna (MoPaulandDonna) landing at Estrada Cabin

2013 - Jim Johnson landing at Estrada Cabin

2007 - Bruce and Letty Johnson (BruceandLetty) - Flickr photos

2005 Dennis and Nancy Bandley