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Cape Krusenstern

5. Cape Krusenstern National Monument

General - Cape Krusenstern National Monument

Cape Krusenstern can be seen across the bay from Kotzebue and it may be possible to boat there. Most visitors will want to fly in to enjoy the magnificent view of the cape and roving musk ox herds. There are many archaeological sites within the unit and several popular airstrips including the Anigaaq Ranger Station and Kakagrak Hills Tower.

Red Dog Mine - The port for the world’s largest zinc mine is located within the boundaries of the Monument.

Northwest Arctic Heritage Center - Located within walking distance of the Kotzebue Airport this new Visitor Center is the focal point for interpreting the NPS units located in Northwest Alaska.

Maps - Cape Krusenstern National Monument

Maps for Cape Krusenstern NM are given on The Western Parklands NPS unigrid brochure and at the Cape Krusenstern web site.

Google Map - Anigaaq Ranger Station at Cape Krusenstern and airstrip Red Dog Zinc Mine port

NPTC boundaries definition for Cape Krusenstern National Monument

"There are no visitor centers within the Monument. The Visitor Center in Kotzebue is located outside the Monument.  You must fly-in or take a boat and land on the shore to enter the Monument." -NPTC

Air taxis authorized by NPS - Cape Krusenstern National Monument

Commercial Use Operators, Cape Krusenstern National Monument

Air taxis used by NPTC Members - Cape Krusenstern NM

Kotzebue small plane runway (Bush planes use the north south strip)

Alaska Alpine Adventures - phone 877 525-2577

Arctic Backcountry Flying Service - phone 907 442-3200

Golden Eagle Outfitters - phone 719 786-7373

Northwestern Aviation -  phone 907 442-3525

NPTC Member Trip Reports - Cape Krusenstern NM

(Note: You must be registered at the NPTC web site as a guest or member to view the Member Trip Reports)

2016 Don Gardner

2015 Jennifer Williams and Pat

2013 - Mel Gilbert and Leland Warzala  - Landings at Cape Krusenstern

2012 - Clark and Robin Carney (ccarney)

2011 - Fred and Debbie Koegler (Fred and Debbie)

2007 - Bruce and Letty Johnson (BruceandLetty) - Flickr Photos

2005 - Dennis and Nancy Bandley