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Bering Land Bridge

4. Bering Land Bridge National Preserve

General - Bering Land Bridge National Preserve

This historic piece of land between Nome and Kotzebue offers a varied landscape. A destination spot is the Serpentine Hot Springs which can be visited by air taxi service from either Nome or Kotzebue. Wildlife is abundant and varied geology in the form of tors and lava flows are interesting to observe.Those taking air taxis from Kotzebue will want to check in with the new Northwest Arctic Heritage Center near the Kotzebue airport for up to date information on the 4 surrounding units including Bering Land Bridge.

Bering Land Bridge is often done in conjunction with landings in Cape Krusenstern and sometimes even combined with Kobuk Valley National Park and Noatak Preserve. Generally all landings from Kotzebue to these parks are with “big tire” bush planes rather than float planes.

NPS special Report on access to Serpentine Hot Springs

Northwest Arctic Heritage Center - Located within walking distance of the Kotzebue Airport this new Visitor Center is the focal point for interpreting the NPS units located in Northwest Alaska.

Serpentine Hot Springs Master Plan

NPS - Shared Beringia Heritage Program

David Moody Hopkins - Beringia pioneer scientist

Maps - Bering Land Bridge National Preserve
The boundaries of the park unit are given in the Western Arctic National Parklands Brochure and at the Bering Land Bridge web site.

Google Maps - Serpentine Hot Springs within the Bering Land Bridge Preserve

NPTC boundaries definition for Bering Land Bridge National Preserve

"There are no visitor centers within the Preserve.  Both Kotzebue and Nome are located outside the Preserve.  This park is best reached by flying south from Kotzebue across Kotzebue Sound." - NPTC

Air Taxis authorized by NPS for Bering Land Bridge National Preserve

Commercial Use Operators, Bering Land Bridge National Preserve

Air Taxis used by NPTC Members - Bering Land Bridge NPres

Kotzebue bush plane airstrip

Alaska Alpine Adventures - phone 877 525-2577

Arctic Backcountry Flying Service - phone 907 442-3200

Golden Eagle Outfitters - phone 719 786-7373

Northwestern Aviation -  phone 907 442-3525

Nome Airport

NPTC Member Trip Reports - Bering Land Bridge NPres

(Note: You must be registered at the NPTC web site as a guest or member to view the Member Trip Reports)

2016 Don Gardner

2015 Jennifer Williams and Pat

2014 - Barb and Dean (Explorer) - Spend the night at Serpentine Hot Springs - birding

2014 - Norman and Danka (Calli) - Landing at Bering Land Bridge -north eastern corner of the preserve

2013 - Mel Gilbert and Leland Warzala  - Landings at Bering Land Bridge - beach

2010 - Shigenori Hiraoka - Flew Northwestern Aviation on float plane to Devils Mountain Lagoon.

2012 - Clark and Robin Carney (ccarney)

2011 - Fred and Debbie Koegler (Fred and Debbie)

2007 - Bruce and Letty Johnson (BruceandLetty) - Landed at Serpentine Springs

BruceandLetty Flickr photos

2005 - Dennis and Nancy Bandley