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While we have a huge repertoire, we also have our favorites, those standards that you're very likely to hear at any of our shows.

Here are some of the songs that have a very high chance of showing up during one of our sets:

- Bad Romance*
- Breaking the Law
- Ghostbusters
- Hair Pieces
- The Legenda of Zelda Title Theme
- Neoclassical Bullcrap:  Baroque 'n' Roll (w/ Picardy Third)
Nørdïc Medley (sometimes only the "I Am a Viking" section)
Pokémon Theme Song
- Talk Dirty To Me
- You Give Spin a Bad Name

Coincidentally, that's 10 songs.  There are some others that you'll have a good chance of hearing.  We'll label them "Honorable Mention."

Honorable Mention:

- Theme from Elder Scrolls III:  Morrowind
- Holy Diver
- Stacy's Mom*
- Tijuana Brass Medley (specifically "Whipped Cream" and "Tijuana Taxi")

We're hoping to expand this list soon.  Here are some newer tunes to look out for in 2011:

- 13 Seconds to Love (Ricky's Song)**
- Hell Bent for Leather (if we can play that fast)
- Killer Queen (maybe--still working out the kinks on this one)
- The Power of Love (with Theme from Back to the Future)**

*We'll probably start playing these a little bit less in favor of newer songs
**We'll probably start playing these a lot more