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December 10, 2009:  "The Pop Polka," an original composition written by Tyler Cook, is available for download!  Just click the JPEGs below, download the full-size pictures, and print (see print suggestions belows)!

Download a MIDI of "The Pop Polka" here.

 Print Suggestions:

1.) After downloading, open files in Paint.

2.) Click File-->Page Setup...

3.) For paper size, use "Letter" (unless printing on a larger or smaller sheet of paper).

4.) Under "Orientation," select "Landscape."

5.) Under "Scaling," select "Fit to:" and type "1" by "1" pages in the appropriate dialog boxes.
6.) Click "Ok."

7.) Click File-->Print Preview (this will let you double check to make sure everything looks right).

8.) Click "Print..."

9.) Print as many copies of each page as you need.

10.) Enjoy The Pop Polka by Tyler Cook!

Please note:  this composition does not include dynamic, style, or time markings.  Artistic interpretation is up to you and your group.

Tyler Cook,
Dec 10, 2009, 1:44 PM