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What People Are Saying

Here's what real people are saying/have said about Brass to the Future:

"Really?  Pokemon?"

--An incredulous "fan" at our 2011 April Fool's Extravaganza

"If genetically possible, I want to have all 5 members' baby. Yes, just one baby from all 5 members together. That's how much I love Brass to the Future."

--Benji McKay of The Lovecrafts

"I want to own everything that you are."

--Random super fan at the September 5, 2010 Harptallica show

"[S]uave and classy... or some variation on that theme."

--S. Zejewski, via the Internet

"I loved last weekend's set.  You guys really put on a great show."

--P. Cook, via Facebook

"It was a great performance and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Thanks."

--J. Low, via Facebook