Work for Credit Program

What is the Work for Credit Program?

At Boyd Christian School, we want all families who desire a sound, Christian education to have access to our school. We recognize that many who desire to be a part of this family cannot afford yearly tuition in the traditional sense but have a strong desire to be here and are willing to do whatever they can for that opportunity.

The work for credit program allows students (or parents) to volunteer at school in exchange for a credit towards their tuition.

Students may apply to work around the school before or after school hours cleaning and helping in different ways. Parents can volunteer any skill they have such as maintenance work, tutoring, or helping to supervise students during the day. We are open to ideas and will work with you on ways your skills can be utilized! Once applications are reviewed, we will meet to set a work plan that works for your family.

Any job dealing with our students will require fingerprinting, background checks, and interviews. Other volunteer opportunities may have certain requirements as needed.

Money for assistance come from donations by local churches and community members as well as school raised funds. We take the allocation of these funds very seriously. Although we want to help as many as we can, our resources are limited. For that reason, it is imperative that you are committed to the process and meet all deadlines.

Application Process

Filling Out the Application

The following must be submitted for a family to apply for the work credit program. Opportunities are given based on need:

    • Application indicating the amount you would like to request

    • Letter of need explaining your family’s situation and reason for applying

    • Copy of most recent Tax Return

    • Proof of Current Income (such as a pay stub)

    • All papers must be submitted by the deadline in order to be considered.

Applications may be obtained through the front office or online at

What Happens Next?

The finance committee will review all applicants and information will be entered into a processing program to help us determine a fair amount of credit to offer. Families will be notified once a decision has been made and we will set up an appointment to finalize your contract and arrange a work plan for you. No financial aid is awarded until the final meeting where the contract is signed by both parents and finance committee.

What Will I Pay Each Month?

Monthly payments will begin at the full amount and then any work completed in that month period will be taken off. You may call the office at the first of each month to confirm amount. Work must be logged in the office and signed off by administration before it will be taken off of the monthly payment.

What If It’s Just Not Enough?

If you are in need of more help financially than we can offer, there is still hope! Our office will assist you in writing letters or seeking out individual sponsors to help your child attend. Many times church members, friends, grandparents, and even employers will help send your child to BCS. Any donations made to help a child attend school are tax deductible.

You may also research and apply for grants and funding outside of our school.

Academic and Behavior Requirements


Students must maintain As, Bs, and Cs in all subjects each nine week. If a student’s grades fall below, he/she will be on probation for one nine week period in which we will try to work with him/her to bring up any low grades. If low grades are not brought up at the next reporting period or if low grades are a recurring problem, the student may be dismissed from the work program.


All students are required to follow a code of conduct and the BCS handbook at all times (inside and outside of school.) Students on the work for credit program must be responsible and trustworthy. Multiple counts of lunch detention/discipline or suspension of any kind will result in dismissal from their work opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who may apply to work for credit?

The Work for Credit Program is for full-time K-12 students enrolled at Boyd Christian School. Work opportunities are not available for homeschool students, students attending part time, or preK students.

Do we have to re-apply each year?

Yes! Due to changes in our resources, each contract is only good for one year. All families must reapply each year and will not be re-awarded if the conditions of their previous contract were not met.

Is there a minimum we have to pay?

Yes. Boyd Christian is not able to credit more than 30% of tuition, and that in rare circumstances. Each family will be considered individually and is expected to pay as much as they can in order to provide help to as many people as possible.

What if we don’t stay all year?

When we allocate funds for you to come here, we are committing a certain amount to your family that may keep another family from being able to come. You will still be responsible for your share of the year’s tuition if you choose to leave prematurely. Extenuating circumstances will be considered and must be approved by the finance committee.