Middle School




Welcome to the world of lockers and multiple teachers!  Kids love all the extra opportunities middle school brings to be involved.  Our middle school-ers play sports (archery, basketball, golf, cross country, or tennis) join Jr. Beta Club, and enjoy lots of fun trips (incentive trips for behavior and grades, leadership conventions, service opportunities, and yearly trips to Atlanta, Cincinnati, and Washington D.C.!).  Parents love that we strive to give them the right amount of responsibility and independence while preparing them for high school with study and organizational skills.  EVERYONE loves that our teachers truly care about the students and take time to get to know them and work with them and that there are no bullies allowed!  Daily Bible classes, chapel, and certified, experienced, Christian teachers make our middle school something special that you will NOT get anywhere else!

Middle School Class Schedule

Sixth Grade

8:00-8:45--1st Period: History


9:00-9:45--2nd Period: English/Language Arts

9:50-10:35--3rd Period: Math

10:40-11:25--4th Period: Study Hall


12:35-1:20--5th Period: Science

1:20-2:10--6th Period: Rotations

2:10-3:00--7th Period: Bible

Seventh Grade

8:00-8:45--1st Period: Math


9:00-9:45--2nd Period: History

9:50-10:35--3rd Period: Literature

10:40-11:25--4th Period: Science


12:35-1:20--5th Period: Bible

1:20-2:10--6th Period: Rotations

2:10-3:00--7th Period: English

Eighth Grade

8:00-8:45--1st Period: Literature


9:00-9:45--2nd Period: Math

9:50-10:35--3rd Period: History

10:40-11:25--4th Period: Bible


12:35-1:20--5th Period: English

1:20-2:10--6th Period: Rotations

2:10-3:00--7th Period: Science

Middle School Must- Haves