About Us

In 1976 a small group of Christians met at the Westwood Church of Christ to discuss the feasibility of establishing a Christian School in McMinnville, Tennessee. Three families, Mr. & Mrs. Hubert Boyd, Mr. & Mrs. Clark Boyd, and Mr. & Mrs. Jack Simon gave 18.5 acres of land for the school campus in memory of their father, Mr. F. C. Boyd, Sr. Hubert Boyd supervised the construction. The first school year began in August 1979 with grades 1 - 6. In 1980, the gymnasium was constructed. A high school building was constructed in 1997. By the 1996-1997 school years, BCS had grown to the 10th grade, and in 1999 graduated its first senior class. Now Boyd Christian School offers classes for three year old Pre - Kindergarten students through the twelfth grade.

Boyd Christian School is located at 806 Morrison Street, McMinnville, TN 37110. The campus is composed of three separate buildings. The main building houses offices, a conference room, a library with computer lab, ten classrooms for elementary and middle school classes, a resource room, copy room, cafeteria, utility rooms, closets and restrooms. The J. R. Boyd - J. K. Stanley Gymnasium building houses one classroom, restrooms, concessions area, stage, dressing rooms, and closets as well as the gym area. The C. N. Womack High School Building houses five classrooms, a science lab, lobby, and restrooms.

Boyd Christian School is supported by donations from its patrons and does not receive any state or federal aid. We offer a college preparatory curriculum and accept students from all surrounding areas regardless of their religious affiliation. The school has daily chapel services including prayer, scripture reading and singing praise to God.

According to the by-laws of FC Boyd Sr. Christian School, our purpose is the operation and maintenance of an educational institution providing for the Christian education of elementary and high school students. There is hereby created a joint effort of the members of the Church of Christ to establish, construct and maintain an educational facility, which facility shall provide for the general education of elementary and high school students in a Christian environment.