Why Choose BCS?

Top Ten Reasons Families Choose BCS

Small Classes

Small class sizes have been found to contribute to higher student achievement, lower dropout rates, and less discipline referrals. The state of Tennessee allows 25 students per teacher for K-3rd grade classrooms, 30 students per teacher for 4th-6th grade classes and 35 per teacher in middle school and high school. Teachers with classes that rotate in middle and high school can easily have close to 200 students each day making it very difficult to form close relationships with students and to know what they need on a personal level. Small classes, on the other hand, allow closer relationships between teachers and students and more personalized attention to both academic and social matters.

Check out more at www.classsizematters.org

national Accreditation

Who is AdvancED

According to advance-ed.org, AdvancED is the largest community of education professionals in the world. They are a non-profit, non-partisan organization that conducts rigorous, on-site external reviews of PreK-12 schools and school systems to ensure that all learners realize their full potential.

Why is accreditation important?

Accreditation is a status which shows the public that a school has met and is maintaining a high level of standards set by an accrediting agency. Accreditation is a voluntary evaluation process which shows our school has high standards and wants the best for our students to the point where we ask for a true, verifiable, third party assessment of our quality. Accreditation is an extensive process where the accreditation committee comes in and evaluates our curriculum, our teachers, and our relationships within the school. The areas specifically examined by AdvancEd are: vision and purpose, governance and leadership, teaching and learning (curriculum/instructional methods and school climate), documenting and using results (data on student performance and school effectiveness), resources and support system, stakeholder communication and relationships, and commitment to continuous improvement.

Graduating from an unaccredited school could allow colleges and employers to question the validity of your degree and your potential as a future student or employee. Also, if you ever need to transfer for any reason, all credits taken through an accredited school will transfer to another school. Our Bible classes will also transfer as theology electives so there is no loss of credits or time.

Check out more at advance-ed.org

Daily bible

Every BCS student has both Bible class and chapel every day.

Bible in the elementary classes is taught by the classroom teachers along with other core subjects such as Math and Language Arts. Elementary Bible classes go through the Bible in a sequential order from K-5th grade.

"Spiritually speaking, we have witnessed an increase in his Bible knowledge, and his ability to apply to lessons to real life discussion has improved. This makes us rejoice to see his soul nurtured at school." --BCS Elementary Parent

Bible in Middle and High School is a separate class taught by qualified, experienced preachers, teachers, and leaders in the community. We strive to speak where the Bible speaks and to instill the basic love for God and His Word in all our students.

In addition to their Bible class, BCS students come together every day for chapel. Chapel is a time to worship God and grow closer to Him as a student body. Our young men, beginning in kindergarten, have opportunities to lead in singing, prayer, and even giving the lessons. Our speakers range from 3rd graders teaching on Daniel in the Lions’ Den or 12th graders speaking on temptation to preachers in the community teaching about influence and character.

Students are given the chance to grow and develop in their skill with help from teachers and others along the way so they not only build in their knowledge, but also in their confidence and ability to stand up and speak for our God.

Christian Environment

Walking into Boyd Christian School has a different feel than any other school. Teachers, staff, and administration are all members of the church and share a common goal—a goal that is more than training your children and preparing them for the future, but of teaching them to love God.

"My child learns more about God. He has told me things about the Bible that I had simply overlooked. I love hearing about his day. Usually, I have to make him com on to the car at pickup time! Boyd feels like a tight knit community and we are happy/thankful to be a part of it." --BCS Middle School Parent

When your child joins Boyd, you become part of our family. Here you will find parents who have been where you are and others who are walking along side of you. We all share a common goal of trying to find the best way to raise our children to be strong Christians in a difficult world, and we have the blessing of doing that in a community of love and encouragement.

"Boyd is much more than just a school. It is a family. We have come to love, trust, and bond with so many at Boyd, and not just those in our grades. I love the positive environment that everyone thrives to create. We love the opportunity to be involved and help make our school a success! Even the high school students and teachers have become like family and we are only in K and 3rd!" --BCS Elementary Parent

Scholarship opportunities

Christian Universities

Because of our accreditation and membership with the National Christian School Association, BCS high school virtually pays for itself should your child be interested in attending many Christian universities.

Students graduating from Boyd Christian High School that meet admission requirements receive a $5,000 renewable annual scholarship from Lipscomb University and Freed Hardeman University as well as discounts to other Christian Universities.

Personalized Attention and Guidance

Students at Boyd Christian School have more one on one attention when it comes to finding and applying for those all-important college scholarships. Our guidance counselor and teachers know students and their strengths to the point where scholarships can be found and awarded based on their individuality.

Scholarships our students have been awarded recently:

    • Create Tomorrow Scholarship

    • Dr. Pepper Academic Scholarship

    • Hannah Disbro Memorial Scholarship (only BCS students qualify)

    • Jordan-Grimes Memorial Scholarship (only BCS students qualify)

    • McMinnville Junior Auxiliary Scholarship

    • Morrison Industries Excellence Scholarship

    • Sam Ingram Scholarship

    • Masonic Lodge Scholarship

    • TN Hope Scholarship

    • TN Promise Scholarship

    • As well as over $100,000 in scholarships from the universities of their choice

caring, available teachers

Parents appreciate the fact that our teachers are not overburdened and are available and willing to help our students. Teachers commonly help with tutoring and work with children outside of school hours to be sure they understand the academic material. Furthermore, they go out of their way to help find information, internships, and job opportunities for students as they grow into a new stage of their lives and are exploring what life after high school will look like. Our teachers have time for our kids and put in the extra mile (or two, or three) because they sincerely care about them.

"We love that our children are treated like family. Everyone knows them by their names and they, in turn, know them also. Teachers are available, competent, and loving. The classes are small and attention is given to our children more so than in larger classrooms. Bible is taught, along with prayer! Students are friendly and considerate. All employees at Boyd are attentive, warm, and caring." --BCS High School Parent

academic soundness

BCS students receive a solid academic foundation to prepare them for life after high school. 100% of graduates in the last two years have gone on to college. While at BCS, many students even get a head start on their college career by taking dual enrollment classes at Motlow. Students whose grades meet the criteria are able to take up to 4 college classes for free while earning their high school credits. Our Juniors/Seniors average 22.3 on the ACT which is 3 points higher than the state average for public schools. Now, we see BCS alumni excelling all around our community as may have graduated college and returned to serve as teachers, physical therapists, dentists, engineers, ministers, and more!

Flexible PreK Options

There are very few places where your 3 year old can learn along-side your 15 year old. Boyd Christian PreK is truly an asset to many families. Children may begin one of our PreK classes at 2 ½ and choose 2, 3, or 5 day/week options that work for their family’s need for a cost less than that of many day cares.

Athletic Opportunities

A Place for Everyone

Many students who transfer to Boyd find themselves loving and excelling in sports that they never had the opportunity to participate in before. All students who have the commitment and desire to play are given a place. We all enjoy watching these students grow and flourish with talents they have not had the confidence or opportunity to train in before.

Success in Sports

At BCS , our athletes not only get a chance to grow in their athletic abilities, but they also get the same opportunities and exposure of those in public schools who wish to play sports in college. In 2016-2017 our HS Lady Broncos basketball team won the Middle Tennessee Athletic Conference Championship and were #1 in the National Association of Christian Athletes Championship. Our HS Broncos also had an extremely successful season. Three of our high school athletes signed with the college of their choice to play on a college level with an athletic scholarship. In 2015-2016 one of our senior athletes also signed with his college of choice to run cross country.

Lifelong Friends

At Boyd Christian, students make good friends. They make memories along-side other imperfect people who are trying their best to make the right decisions, and their growth together creates bonds for life.

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