"Octaves Incidental"

Read the remarks below to get more details on this artwork. The strings of the sculpture get plucked by motorized picks. There are motorized clamps that pinch the string in places to form octaves.
  • Year: 2019

  • Dimensions: 40"H x 22"W x 6"D

  • Materials: metal, plastic, electronics

  • Remarks: Three guitar strings are picked and pinched by servo motors in a random sequence. The pinch servos are positioned on the strings in such a manner that a ¼ or ½ octave is produced. The push button activates the sculpture, which cycles through randomized sequences. If the button is pushed by the viewer after the first activation push, it adds to the randomness of the sequence selection. The sculpture is an exploration of the beauty of the space between the ordered structure of octaves and the chaotic overall sound of the sequences. “Octaves Incidental” is a personal reference to the perception of memory and time. As a child I watched a Disney animation called “Donald in Mathmagic Land”. In part of this cartoon, Donald Duck explains how musical octaves are created by simple divisions of any length of string. The memory of seeing this cartoon resonated with me through my life, until being embodied in this sculpture.