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History and Purpose

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Data Subcommittee ABJ35(3) is a Transportation Research Board (TRB) Subcommittee supporting and serving the needs of four different TRB standing committees. These committees include ABJ35 Travel Monitoring Committee (lead), ANF20 Bicycle Transportation Committee, ANF10 Pedestrian Committee, and the ABJ40 Travel Survey Methods Committee. The organization of a National Bicycle and Pedestrian Data Subcommittee was formalized July, 2011 in response to the need for accessing, sharing, and integrating national bicycle and pedestrian information. This subcommittee is focused on non-motorized counting technologies, collection methodologies, and associated data management activities.

Subcommittee Goals

The goal of this subcommittee is to develop standardized national data structures that allow for accessibility, scalability, and the integration of non-motorized datasets which guide and support traffic management, travel demand modeling, safety studies, and general non-motorized planning and research efforts. For more information on the work and goals of the subcommittee, visit our 3-Year Strategic Plan.

Become More Involved

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The TRB 2020 Annual Meeting is quickly approaching!

Make sure to put the below workshop on your meeting schedule. More details on other sessions coming soon!

Making Sense of Emerging Data Sources for Non-Motorized Transportation: Tools, Tips and Knowledge Gaps for Effective Analysis

    • 8:00AM-12:00PM (4 hours)
    • Thursday, January 16, 2020
    • Convention Center (Room TBD)

Dear Colleague:

Please join us Thursday morning (8 am - 12 pm) for a workshop on "Making Sense of Emerging Data Sources for Non-Motorized Transportation: Tools, Tips, and Knowledge Gaps" in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. The world of data is constantly changing, and new sources of pedestrian and bicycle data are evolving. In this interactive workshop, you'll hear from leading data providers, practitioners, and researchers about how they use data in practice and decision-making, data needs and analysis methods, and lessons learned from data gaps and privacy issues.

The full agenda is here, but the questions are up to you! Please let us know what you'd like to hear from our panel members by filling out this brief survey. Thank you!

This Workshop is sponsored by the TRB Standing Committees on Bicycle Transportation (ANF20), Pedestrians (ANF10), Urban Transportation Data and Information Systems (ABJ30), Transportation Demand Forecasting (ADB40), Statistics (ABJ80) and Subcommittees on Bicycle and Pedestrian Data (ABJ35-03) and Health and Transportation (ADD50-01).

Register here to attend the TRB Annual Meeting .