Transportation Research Board ACH10:
Standing Committee on Pedestrians


Welcome to the website for the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Standing Committee on Pedestrians (ACH10).

This Committee is concerned with research on pedestrians and pedestrian facilities that will provide safe, comfortable, and efficient walking environments along sidewalks, along and across roadways, and connecting to other modes of transportation. The Committee addresses the planning, design, operation, and maintenance of roadways as they affect use of public rights-of-way by pedestrians. The Committee aims to integrate pedestrian considerations into broader transportation issues.

This Committee is chaired by Dr. Kevin Manaugh, Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and Bieler School of Environment at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. See a list of Committee Members on the official TRB site

The Committee on Pedestrians is the official parent committee for two subcommittees:

Purpose: Identifies pedestrian research needs/topics and develops research needs statements; locates organizations to fund and conduct pedestrian research; and tracks previous, ongoing, and upcoming research
Chair(s): Sirisha Kothuri and Nick Ferenchak

Purpose: Engages in conversations around AVs, and identifies research and policy issues
Chair(s): Amy Rosepiler and Justin Owens

There is also a Pedestrian Paper Review Coordinators group within the Committee on Pedestrians. This group leads the paper review process and develops the pedestrian program at the Annual Meeting. Srinivas Pulugurtha chairs this group. 

The Committee on Pedestrians interacts and collaborates with a number of subcommittees. These subcommittees report progress and findings during the general Pedestrian Committee meetings:

Purpose: Identifies and advances research related to safety and/or bicycle and pedestrian crashes
Parent Committee: Safety Data, Research, and Analysis (ANB20)
Chair(s): Shane Turner and Thomas Jonsson

Purpose: Develops standardized national data structures that incorporate non-motorized users
Parent Committee: Highway Traffic Monitoring (ACP70)
Chair(s): Sarah O'Brien

Purpose: Explores emerging technologies and their relationship to roadway users, including pedestrians and bicyclists
Parent Committee: Bicycle (ACH20)
Chair(s): Chris Cherry and John MacArthur


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