TRB ACH20 Bicycle Transportation Committee


Welcome to the website of TRB's Bicycle Transportation Committee (ACH20).  

This committee (ACH20) is concerned with all aspects of bicycling, bicyclists, behaviors of other road users interacting with bicyclists, as well as policies and criteria for facilities to assure safe, secure, comfortable, convenient, and efficient travel for bicyclists. The committee aims to integrate bicycling into multimodal transportation systems, and broader transportation and land use planning, policy, and engineering.

This Committee is chaired by Dr. Rebecca Sanders ( of Safe Streets Research & Consulting. 

What's New?

Our last webinar covered research and practice related to Quick-Build Bike Facilities. The summary is below, but make sure to look out for new webinars in 2024!

Webinar Summary:

Over the last three years, communities worldwide have implemented quick-build facilities to increase safety and access for people biking. This webinar explored the state-of-the-practice in quick-build bicycle facility planning and design, including safety outcomes, community engagement, and local politics. Presenters shared the implementation, implications, and continued assessment from several case studies.

TRB 2024 Annual Meeting Recap

We had a wonderful in-person committee meeting at the TRB 2024 Annual Meeting in DC! You can find the notes and accompanying slides from the meeting below.

ACH20 Annual Meeting 1.9.2024.docx