The Bicycle and Pedestrian Data Subcommittee Membership Coordinator is 
Photo of bicycle count at the University of Texas, Austin by Greg Griffin, AICP
Greg Griffin.  Greg manages the list of members for the subcommittee by organizing membership into 3 membership types including:

  • Subcommittee Leader - These are the committee leaders that work towards a common goal of developing a bicycle and pedestrian data subcommittee that support bicycle and pedestrian data program managers, users of the data, and others with an interest in bicycle and pedestrian data.
  • Active MemberMembers can be assigned tasks such as paper reviewer, help with reviewing website content, etc. The time commitment  is not nearly as heavy as the leader level but also not just an informational member status as the friend. Members are added to the master correspondence list, as well as other correspondence about the subcommittee (call for help in reviewing papers, request for comments on web content, etc.).
  • Committee Friendwants to receive information about committee activities only, and will be added to master correspondence list.

If you want more information about getting involved with the Bicycle and Pedestrian Data Subcommittee, contact Greg Griffin, AICP at