I'm not just a mod author, I use mods all the time myself.  Happyuser created a very helpful modding resource: "Forever Thankful - Skyrim Modding Resource".  It talks about best practices for people using mods and forums to seek help.  Please read it.  I am very thankful for all the mods I use, and I am thankful you have chosen to use mine.

Before asking about why something works the way it does, please read my mod description and look through my customization menu in the game so you can see what settings I have and what is currently selected.

Also, please check out these links explaining Skyrim vampirism bugs.  Maybe my mod is not at fault and it is an unfortunate glitch in the game ...

Skyrim is buggy. If you ever get stuck in a quest, this is the BEST site to look up bugs and quests.  You can find console commands to bypass quest stages that get stuck:

The most important thing to try if you EVER have a problem with this mod is to perform a "clean" install. 

Use LOOT to sort your load order, but it isn't perfect.  
Try moving my mod to the very bottom of your load order and test your game.  
If problems still persist, follow the steps below;  they only take about 5 minutes ...

(all of these steps are also essential if you are upgrading)

Please follow these steps if anything goes wrong or if upgrading from a previous version of my mod:

1) Rest/wait for 24hr in the game - this will allow any NPCs you have fed upon, or used Seduction or Fear's Embrace on, time to recuperate.
2) Use my MCM - Troubleshooting and Cleanup page and click on "Reset/Clear Better Vampires Mod".
Exit my MCM to have the mod reset.
4) Use my MCM - Troubleshooting and Cleanup page and click on "Reset Sanguinare Vampiris".
Exit my MCM to have your vampirism reset.
6) Save your game (it must be a real save, not a quick save).
7) Exit the game.
8) Uninstall and DELETE the old version of my mod (completely DELETE all files, scripts, etc. from the Skyrim\Data and Skyrim\Data\Scripts folders). I use MO to remove mods, but you can check the files section and use my "Remove Better Vampires" batch file
- it will ENSURE everything is gone..
9) Start the game and load your saved game from step 6 - ignore the message about missing content.
10) Now make a new "clean" save without my mod (not a quick save).
11) Exit the game.  Use the Script Cleaner on the "clean" save from step 10 (to ensure the cleanest slate possible).
12) Download and install my latest mod version using NMM or MO.
13) Load your "clean" saved game from step 10 (or 11).
14) Customize my mod with the MCM, customization power, or console commands.
15) You were infected in steps 4 and 5, now you must wait 3 days for your disease to run its course and you will become a stage 1 Vampire (fully fed).

Load Order

Load order is important. My mod has to be in the correct load order. I highly recommend you use LOOT to sort your load order; it is quite easy to use. The load order in general should look like this:

Official DLCs
RaceCompatibility.esm (if you use it)
Unofficial Patches (if you use them)
RaceCompatibilityUSKPOverride.esp (only if you use the USKP)
SkyRE (or similar overhauls)
Custom Races
Texture Replacers (vampire eyes, skin colour, etc.)
Better Vampires.esp
Royal Bloodline.esp (only vampire mod that should be loaded after mine)

Also, please remember that the installation order is just as important as the load order! If you use NMM to install my mod it will overwrite the scripts of other mods that use the same files - HOWEVER, if you install my mod first, then remove some other mod that used the same scripts, NMM will replace the other mod's scripts with the vanilla Skyrim backups it had. 

Remove other mods first, install my mod last. It does not have to load last in your order, it just has to load after any mods that may also alter vampires. The only exception to this is Royal Bloodline - it can be installed and loaded after my mod.

Save Game Script Cleaner

If something still isn't working for you, perhaps try this great tool:
Save Game Script Cleaner by Hadoram


If scripts have somehow become glitched or unresponsive, or maybe you installed a new version over an old version, this may help you.  It is said to be quite effective at fixing script issues.

"RaceCompatibility for Skyrim and Dawnguard"

The "RaceCompatibility for Skyrim and Dawnguard" mod should work well with my mod, but you have to follow TMPhoenix's directions ... My mod needs a clean save in between an old version and a new - he outlines a clear procedure how to do a clean save in conjunction with his mod.

"If you need to do a clean save for Better Vampires, you don't need to remove the RaceCompatibility mod, you NEED to make sure you re-install it WITHOUT the Better Vampires option. Then do your clean save, then re-install Better Vampires and then re-install RaceCompatibility mod WITH the Better Vampire option. Then you need to make sure NMM/LOOT has placed the mods in the correct load order." - TMPhoenix

If you do not have Dawnguard or still need help, check with TMPhoenix for troubleshooting.

If you need to update my mod while using RaceCompatibility, Octoboy outlined these steps that worked perfectly for him:

Using the BV MCM -> Clear/Reset BV Mod
Using the BV MCM -> Reset Sanguinare Vampiris (curing vampirism)
Saving the game in a new slot
Exit Skyrim

Using the NMM -> Uninstall BV
Using the NMM -> Uninstall RC
Using the NMM -> Install RC WITHOUT BV

Load Skyrim Save from earlier.
Save in another, new slot (this makes your clean save)
Exit Skyrim

Using the NMM -> Uninstall RC
Using the NMM -> Install BV
Using the NMM -> Install RC with BV (overwriting the VampireQuest scripts from BV)
Using the NMM -> Arrange Load Order

Unofficial Patches
And at the bottom, after all other plugins, finally Better Vampires

Load most recent save
Using the BV MCM -> Reset Sanguinare Vampiris (to become infected)
Wait for 3 days (72 hours)

I do not use a custom race or the RaceCompatibility mod, but Jayce Styles created a great video on how he got his Lunari custom race working with Skyrim, the RaceCompatibility mod, and Better Vampires: