Using my Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) is the best way to customize my mod - you will need to install SKSE and SkyUI. Hit the <Escape> key to access the MCMs for any mods that make use of the technology.

If you cannot use SKSE and SkyUI, I do include a customization power (rewritten for versions 7.4 onward) you can use, or you can look at my list of console commands as a last resort.  If the customization power doesn't display at first, please enter the following console command (set VampireMenuSpell to 0) without the brackets, save your game and reload.

Click here to view the section of my YouTube video that shows the options (from version 6.31) you have when using my mod. 
There are A LOT more options now since 6.31!

You will have to feed once to have many settings take effect!

NOTE:  If you want to remove the old customization power, look for the MCM entry and uncheck it.  If you want to customize my mod you should really get SKSE, SkyUI, and use my MCM.  I recommend against using any console commands - they lead to mistakes; please use the MCM or the customization power.