The use of Blood Points is disabled by default; you will have to enable it with the MCM or console command.  You can ONLY enable the use of Blood Points if you are playing in Reverse Progression (stronger when fully fed).
If you enable Blood Points, you have the option of turning off the feed timer.  If desired, set the MCM option so satiation can only be affected by your blood pool (time passed can be irrelevant).


You can look on the Status page of my MCM to see your current Blood Points, or, much more easily, hit the Status Hotkey (V by default if you enable it) to have it displayed in the top left corner.

I have also included a customizable Blood Meter which will display your blood point total (SKSE and SkyUI are required).  It can be customized (see my MCM) and placed where you wish and you can change its size and transparency.  The Blood Meter will update while you play - it can be always on, always off, or automatically display for 4 seconds when changes in your blood pool occur. 

Many thanks to Chesko, Mardoxx, PurpleLunchbox and Shlangster!


With Blood Points enabled, each time you feed off a living NPC you will receive 100 Blood Points.
Feeding off dead bodies, if you have it enabled, will provide you with 50 Blood Points (it will give 100 points if you enable feeding off the dead affects satiation).
If you are at the highest Vampire rank (Nightlord) and have Amaranth enabled you will receive 150 Blood Points for each NPC vampire you feed on.

If you enable Blood Potions Affect Satiation then bottles of blood will correspond with feeding on a dead victim - they will give 50 Blood Points.

If you enable Vampire Drain (and Drain Life and Vampiric Grasp as a Vampire Lord) to affect satiation and blood points in my MCM, then using these spells will add to your blood points and affect your stage of vampirism if you 'ingest' enough blood with it.

Stage Progression

As time passes in the game, your pool of Blood Points will diminish slowly even if you don`t use any abilities.  Depending on the type of stages you have chosen (Normal, Dynamic, or Two-stages) your pool will decrease and you will be forced into different satiation stages.
HOWEVER ... If you have Blood Points enabled, you can choose to disable the feed timer in the game.  With this option, you can play indefinitely and your stage will never change unless your blood pool diminishes.

Feeding to full will grant you 300 Blood Points (100 with Two-stage) and starving will reduce you to 0.

If you use up all your Blood Points on abilities and do not feed, you will be reduced to a Blood-Starved Vampire.
Please refer to my Progression Charts to see which abilities are available at each stage.

    Normal or Dynamic Stages

    0 Blood Points = Blood Starved (Stage 4)
    1-100 Blood Points = Hungry (Stage 3)
    101-200 Blood Points = Recently Fed (Stage 2)
    201-300 Blood Points = Just Fed (Stage 1)

    Two Stages

    0 Blood Points = Blood Starved (Stage 4)
    1-100 Blood Points = Just Fed (Stage 1)

Blood Point Cost

Using the abilities below will require the corresponding number of Blood Points.  If, at any time, you use up all of your blood pool (total reaches 0) most abilities will be disabled and you will be unable to use them again until you feed.

Some abilities will slowly drain blood points while they are active.  Vampire Vision, Reveal Auras, Domination, Mistwalker, Blood Ward, and Mortal's Mask require blood points to help fuel their power.

If you have used my MCM to disable the feed timer or if you have disabled recharge timers for abilities then Blood Point Cost will be DOUBLED.  The chart below shows the doubled costs; your chart will update with the new costs in my MCM.