Use my configuration power or Mod Configuration Menu (a MCM is easier to use, more detailed, and highly recommended) to customize almost every aspect of this mod.  You can also use numerous console commands if you wish.

    NOTE: The latest versions of SKSE and SkyUI are not required for my mod, but some features will be missing without them. I strongly recommend you install them; customization with my MCM is more advanced and is so much easier with these great additions.

    • Overhauls regular Vampire and Vampire Lord abilities, and scales them as you increase in level and power
    • NEVER too feeble or overpowered because you customize your strengths and weaknesses!
    • Customizable hotkeys allow you to instantly access Vampire spells and abilities
    • Balance and dynamic play are given top priority!
    • Feeding is under your control and completely rewritten
    • Helps fix customized races that cannot feed as a regular Vampire
    • Completely new magic effects, textures, and sounds
    • Completely rewritten scripts
    • Completely new spells and powers that are unique in Skyrim!
    • You can turn NPCs into Vampires; have them as followers if you wish and watch them live as Vampires
    • Define your own existence as a Vampire:

    Customized Stage Progression; Will you be stronger as a Vampire when starving and overtaken by Sanguinare Vampiris (Normal) or when you are fully fed and engorged with the blood of your victims (Reverse)?
    Customized Dynamic Stages; Will you advance a stage of vampirism every 24 hours that you do not feed (Normal), do you want your hunger to speed up as you go without blood (Faster Stages), or do you only want two stages of Vampirism (fully fed or starving)?
    Optional Blood Points System; Will your blood pool be filled by feeding on victims?  Will these Blood Points be used to fuel your vampiric abilities and affect your satiation stages when you run low on blood? 
    Customized Stage Hated; Will you be hated when you are starving and maddened by blood lust (hated at Stage 4), when you are fully fed (hated at Stage 1), or not at all?
    Customized Rank Progression; Will you advance through your Vampiric ranks by bathing in the blood of countless victims (Normal) or do you prefer an easier path to greatness (fewer victims required)?
    Optional Sun Visual Effects; Do you want to see your exposed skin char and blacken in the punishing light of day?
    Optional Customized Sun Damage; Does the direct light of the sun damage your body (Slight), threaten to turn you to ash in moments (Hardcore), or does it cause no damage at all? If you take damage in the direct light of the sun, will you be exempt when fully fed (No Damage Stage 1), will you only take damage when you are starving (Only Damage Stage 4), or will you take damage at every stage (Damage Every Stage)?
    Customized Corpse Feeding; Will you be able to drain those recently killed of what little blood they have left to advance your Vampirism (Advanced), will you just receive a bit of nourishment from their bodies (Basic), or will you be unable to feed on the blood of the dead (None)?
    Optional Vampire Hunters; Will you be pursued by a relentless faction of hunters bent on eradicating the cursed offspring of Molag Bal?
    Customized Light Level Penalties; Will you be unable to use some of your Vampiric abilities in the direct light of day?
    Customized Regen in Low Light; Will you be able to regen your health and stamina very slowly if the sun is obscured or if you find shadows to hide in?
    Optional Total Blood Dependency; Do you want to have the effectiveness of restoration spells, potions, and food eliminated so only the blood of your victims can nourish you?
    Optional Extracting Blood Potions; Do you want to be able to extract blood potions from sleeping victims, those paralyzed or seduced, or thrall cattle (Extract Blood), or will you avoid this option entirely (No Extraction)?

    Many more customizable features are available; this is only a fraction of what you can tweak!
    You can customize almost every aspect of vampirism with the MCM or console commands.