Many thanks to those who have supported me and donated!  I appreciate your ongoing input and generosity.

Better Vampires is an overhaul mod for Skyrim.  It strives to maintain balance and provide a much better experience for those wishing to play the game as a Vampire.  Other vampire mods exist, but they can be overly complex or force you to play only as the author intended.  My mod is about choice and flexibility - and making your adventuring in Skyrim much more enjoyable.
This mod only affects the player vampire; I don't make any changes to NPC vampires.

Better Vampires
requires the Dawnguard DLC.
Older versions for those without Dawnguard are still available on the Nexus page.
This is a HIGHLY customizable Vampire mod; you choose how you want to play.


My mod will not work properly for you if you don't have an updated version of Skyrim.
You should have the latest versions of SKSE and SkyUI (I highly recommend them both).
This mod will work just fine without SKSE or SkyUI though!
Some features, like increased jump height, a blood meter, or hotkeys, will not work without SKSE, but the mod still works!
You can use my mod configuration power to customize things instead of my MCM.

Do not clean my mod with TES5edit. It has already been cleaned and any changes are intentional and necessary for the mod to work properly.