Prostitution Crackdowns in the DMV

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County specific prostitution blotters (Recently update on 2/21/2017)

Gonorrhea alert Northern Virginia 11/29/2016

Rape Alerts Updated 9/21/2016

Prostitutes busted with HIV Updated 10/4/2016

79A. 5 johns and 5 prostitutes busted in Washington DC prostitution sting. 1/13/2016

84. Anne Arundel county police busted a New York Pimp 3/7/2016

85. Delaware Pimp turns himself into to Howard county police 3/7/2016

89. Dundalk Man Posed as Officer, Raped Prostitute: Police

90. Maryland pimp gets 13 year prison sentence. 

91. 23 year old Madam busted in Maryland in 1994 gets 6 prison sentence for human trafficking a female teenagers under 18 years old.

92. Howard county police: Hotel staff alerts police to human trafficking case 3/21/2016

93. Montgomery county spa owner charged with human trafficking. 4/1/2016

94. Pimp charged with human trafficking in Frederick, County Maryland. 4/4/2016

95. Howard County bill to crack down on illegal massage parlors heads to Senate

96. Prince Georges county orders 12 strips clubs to be shutdown 4/7/2016

97. Community comes together to combat sexual assault, human trafficking

98. Ex-lawyer starts disclosing who called ‘D.C. Madam’

99. Stabbing to death of a transgender prostitute at Red Roof Inn in Rockville, MD/Montgomery county 4/15/2016

100. Possible stabbing of a  prostitute at Red Crown Inn in Laurel/Anne Arundel county on 4/13/2016.

101. Pimp warning

102. Possible stabbing of a prostitute at Comfort Inn in Springfield, Virginia. 4/18/2016

102. Howard county police busted a California pimp in Ellicott City for Human Trafficking.  
Fool was beating one of his prostitutes working for him. 4/19/2016

103. Anne Arundel county, MD police busted a Catonsville, MD pimp for human trafficking at Redroof Inn at BWI.
Bloods gang member. 4/22/2016

104. Hoodrat pimp alert. 5/15/2016

105. Black Lives matter member busted for human trafficking in College Park, MD. 5/19/2016

106. Baltimore city teacher busted for human trafficking a 16 year old by Baltimore County Police in Towson, Maryland. 5/23/2016

107. Maryland State Police, Homeland security, Ocean City Police, Berlin Police department, and 
Worcester county  Bureau of Investigations bust 9 people for prostitution and human trafficking. 5/25/2016. 

108. 4 Johns busted in online prostitution sting for soliciting minor in Howard county (3) and St Mary's (1) county by Maryland state police 5/26/2016.

108. Ocean sting catches prostitutes with their pants down.  6/2/2016.

109. 4 Johns and a prostitute were busted in Martinsburg, West Virginia 6/2/2016.

110. Alexandria, Virginia pimp get 25 year sentence for Human Trafficking.

111. Maryland State Police busted  8 people in Salisbury, Maryland. 6 johns and 2 prostitutes 6/8/2016

112. 7 johns busted in Prince William county, Virginia underage sex sting. One is a cop from Montgomery County police department. 6/13/2016

113. 12 people busted in prostitution sting in Seaford, Delaware. 6/17/2016

114. Maryland operation broken heart busted 46 people involved in child prostitution. 6/21/2016.

115. Prince Georges county elementary school teacher busted for Human trafficking and prostitution. 6/22/2016

116. New York pimp guilty in sex trafficking case where victim, 16, was found at Harford county, Maryland hotel

117. Former Montgomery County. court official convicted of soliciting sex with '15-year-old boy'

118. Maryland State Police busted 2 African American prostitutes from Sacramento, California. 6/30/2016.

119. Howard county police busted 9 johns in reverse prostitution sting in North Laurel, Maryland on 7/20/2016. One of the johns is experienced in life he is
65 years old, but not smart enough to head the warnings of the Howard county war on prostitution.

120. Baltimore county declares war on prostitution 6/9/2016, [everyday in August of 2016] (They mean business when they post an ad)

121. [Montgomery County]  Gaithersburg police busted 3 asian prostitutes with naked men. 7/22/2016. 

122. Howard county police busted a African American pimp from Laurel, Maryland pimping out under age teens in Columbia, Maryland 7/26/2016

123. Loudoun County, Virginia Sheriffs office investigating under age prostitution ring. 7/26/2016.

124. Pimp, 'pimp-in-training' guilty in Henrico County, Virginia prostitution ring charges 

125. Pimp arrested in Norfolk, Virginia sex trafficking sting operation, 10 women now safe. 7/29/2016

126. [Montgomery County] Sex-Traffickers Exploit Teen at Silver Spring Motel: Police 8/9/2016

127. Fairfax city, Virginia mayor busted for exchanging drugs for sex.  8/8/2016

128. 3 johns busted in Bristol, Virginia 8/9/2016

129. Richmond, Virginia bondsman accused of exchanging bail for sex now faces rape charge 8/9/2016

130 . Howard and Prince Georges county police involved in National johns initiative to crackdown on 
prostitution and human trafficking. 8/14/2016

131. Glen Burnie, Maryland pimp gets 8 year prison sentence for pimping prostitute at a BWI hotel in Anne Arundel county, Maryland. 8/14/2016

132. State of Maryland indicts 3 pimps from escort service "Pink Pleasure Entertainment" for human trafficking of 40 women. 8/16/2016

Map(s) of hotels used. Law enforcement is sending a clear message.

133. Merciless Brooklyn pimp who forced teen girls into prostitution slapped with 30-year prison sentence. Pimped out prostitutes 
in Maryland and Pennsylvania. 8/22/2016.

134. Delaware State Police and Ocean City Maryland, Police bust 2 pimps for Human Trafficking.  8/22/2016

135. Former Maryland official found guilty in prostitution case, he was busted by Anne Arundel county police at BWI hotel. 8/24/2016

136. St Mary's county police busted a prostitute at Super 8 Motel in California, Maryland. 8/24/2016.

137. Delaware pimp gets a 9 year prison sentence for human trafficking of a minor in Howard county. 8/30/2016 

138. Pimp gets busted in backpage sting in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 9/5/2016

139. Howard county police busted 10 johns in reverse prostitution sting in Jessup, Maryland on 9/12/2016. 9/13/2016

140.  6 johns and 1 prostitute busted in Hartford County backpage prostitution sting. 9/14/2016

141. Police: Salisbury prostitute steals car, dragging man. 9/14/2016

142. Drug busts, prostitutes: A day's work for Md. troopers. 9/18/2016

143. West Virginia State Police and Department of Homeland Security busted a Asian prostitute at Oriental Health Spa 
in Barboursville, West Virginia. 9/20/2016.

145. [Investigation on going] Police, federal agents break up Frederick, Maryland prostitution ring 2 pimps busted. 9/23/2016.

146. Virginia State Trooper and 5 other johns busted in craigslist sting in Bristol, Virginia 9/27/2016. 

147. Salisbury, Maryland policed busted 10 johns and 7 prostitutes during 5 month sting from May 2016 to September 2016
from various internet web sites, including backpage 9/30/2016

149. 2 pimps one from Texas and other other from North Carolina were busted by Frederick police for human trafficking at 
Super 8 hotel in Frederick, Maryland. 10/1/2016

150. 2 pimps charged in Howard County human trafficking scheme, busted at Red Roof Inn in Jessup, Maryland. 10/5/2016. 

151. 2 African American prostitutes and 1 pimp where busted at Extended Stay America by Henrico County, Virginia Police. 10/11/2016

1524 people busted in prostitution spa business in Fredrick, Maryland. 10/13/2016

153. Former MdTA police chief charged with soliciting prostitute 12/12/2016
154. Pimp from Maryland in high speed chase through DC and Virginia 1/5/2017

157. Maryland pimp given 14 year prison sentance for pimping out 15 year teenager girl.

158. Anne Arundel Vice crackdown on route 198 Laurel hotels. 1/26/2017

159. Asian prostitute from New York got busted in Hampstead, Maryland by Carroll county Sheriff, US Department of Homeland Security, and
Baltimore county police vice unit. She offered to use saran wrap instead of a condom lol. 2/7/2017.

160. Pimp busted in Harford county, Maryland sentenced to 15 years in prison for human trafficking out a 16 year female. 2/9/2017

161. A john was assaulted with a baseball bat on outcall by prostitute and robbed by her pimp with a gun. 2/14/2017

163. Prince Georges county vice squad cop indicted for allegedly alerting prostitute to police prostitution stings.
He was also seeing prostitutes. 2/16/2017

164. Sound evidence: Hotel maid uses cellphone to record pimp beating prostitute in Raddison Hotel in Rockville, Maryland. 2/16/2017

165. Howard county police busted 5 johns in reverse prostitution sting in Columbia, Maryland on 3/19/2017.

167. Montgomery county police busted a Secret Service agent at the Red Roof Inn in Rockville, MD. Both he and the prostitute 
should have told the police they need to talk to lawyer. Talking is what got them in trouble. 3/30/2017.

168. Maryland pimp pleads guilty to to sex trafficking in Knox County, Tennessee. 4/4/2017

169. Washington DC cop busted in Glen Burnie, Maryland by Anne Arundel county police. He had sex with 15 year
prostitute and then robbed her at gun point for the money back. What a fool !!! 4/6/2017

170. Pimp and his prostitute girlfriend charged with human trafficking after forcing 15 year girl into prostitution with heroin injects
in Denton, Maryland Best Western. 4/17/2017
Anne Arundel County Md Declares War on Prostitution

172. Howard county police busted 7 johns in reverse prostitution sting in Howard County, Maryland on 5/8/2017. Police
refuse to release location of bust.
Howard County, Maryland prostitution incident blotter

173. Pimp faces 50 year prison sentence for human trafficking of under age teenage girls in Howard county. 5/9/2017
Howard County, Maryland prostitution incident blotter

8 johns busted were busted by Fairfax county police in a  child solicitation prostitution sting. 5/11/2017
Fairfax & Loundon County, Virginia prostitution incident blotter

7 People were busted in Ocean City, Maryland human trafficking operation. 5/24/2017
Prostitution crackdowns in the Maryland Eastern Shore

Howard county police busted a pimp and a madam for human trafficking 16 year female into forced prostitution
in Jessup, Maryland on 6/1/2017 at the Knights Inn.
Howard County, Maryland prostitution incident blotter

Maryland State Police busted, 7 johns and 1 prostitute in Salisbury, Maryland on 6/15/2017.
Prostitution crackdowns in the Maryland Eastern Shore

178. Montgomery county police busted a john after he spilled the beans on himself after leaving
a hotel (Extended Stay America) under surveillance in Rockville, MD. 6/28/2017.
Montgomery County, Maryland prostitution incident blotter

Prince Georges county police busted a Montgomery County Fireman in a prostitution sting
at the Red Roof inn in College Park, Maryland. Fireman requested bbfs on 5/23/2017. 6/29/2017
Prince Georges County, Maryland prostitution incident blotter

Prince Georges county police busted 14 johns in prostitution sting on 5/23/2017. A correction officer and a fireman were
Prince Georges County, Maryland prostitution incident blotter

Howard county issues warning to pimps / human traffickers / johns 7/17/2017
Howard county you will be arrested warning

182. Pimp in Baltimore county case sentenced to 2 years in prostitution case running prostitution business. 7/21/2017

Howard County, Maryland prostitution incident blotter

183. TS prostitute and redneck john busted for prostitution from craigslist ad. They told on themselves. 7/31/2017

Howard county police along with Prince Georges county policed busted at pimp in Prince Georges county. 8/3/2017
He was caught holding 3 women in hotel for human trafficking. Howard county got tip after another women
was robbed at Turf hotel on route 1 in North Laurel, MD. Don't be surprised if a lot of johns get busted in the
next few weeks/months.
Howard County, Maryland prostitution incident blotter

185. Howard county police busted 9 johns on 10/30/2017

186.  Downtown hotels in Baltimore, Maryland are checking id for visitors at hotel on crackdown on prostitution.

187. Howard county police busted a pimp in North Laurel, Maryland on 11/9/2017 at EconoLodge Motel.

188.  Howard county police (active patrols) busted 2 pimps in Elkdridge, Maryland on 11/17/2017 at the Hillside, Motel.

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