PLC Programming Tank Level Measurement Ultrasonic Sensor

PLC Programming for Tank Level Measurement using Ultrasonic Sensor :-

First of all we need to choose the Ultrasonic/Capacitive level sensor according to our tank level height. The Sensor will give a
4-20mA signal
to PLC and accordingly we will calculate the level in the tank.
PLC Logic Development : -
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First of all we need to connect the analog input from the ultrasonic sensor to PLC , we have already told that in our earlier post .
 You can see here. After that we have to write SCL (scaling instruction) in the PLC to covert the value received by PLC to the
scale we want. For example if the height of our tank is 5000cm , PLC will receive the 4-20ma singnal and internally will convert
it in to range of o to 0FA0(hexa) and with the help of SCL instruction we will scale this value between 0 to 5000.
So that when the Ultrasonic sensor will give 4mA signal then level in tank will be zero and when signal of 20mA will be received
then level in tank will be 5000cm.Now in this PLC Program we have kept the low level at 2500cm and high level at 4600cm.
You can download the PLC program from below , we have build the PLC Program using the omron CX-supervisor software.
Both the .cxp and .pdf file are included in.

Click here to download PLC program.