Conzerv Energy Meter EM6436 Modbus Communication and Connection Diagram

Now the main question is how to communicate Conzerv Energy Meter in MODBUS?

So here is the answer , first of all make proper hardware connection of MODBUS accordingly that is
 connect positive of PLC RS485 port with terminal 7 and negative of PLC RS485 port with terminal 14 of
Conzerv Energy meter.
Now you have to make PLC program accordingly , generally in MODBUS we read the parameters like line
 to line voltage , frequency , current , power factor etc. Each parameter has its unique address in the energy
 meter and it has to be read through query in MODBUS.
Make sure to set the node id , baud rate , parity in yours Conzerv energy meter properly using the set up mode.
You can download the address map of Conzerv Energy meter EM series from here .