Auto Mains Failure PLC Program Using Omron PLC

Auto Mains Failure System is Employed for Auto start up of the DG when the Mains Supply fails . This is a very common
system and is the first step in DG synchronization. Here we will see that what is the basic concept in AMF? What hardware is
required to set up AMF and how PLC Programming is done.
First of all let us understand what is AMF?
Generally all the major industries/companies/institution have the DG for power back up , but when when main power is cut off ,
 someone has to go to start the DG and this takes time and also a man has to be kept for this purpose. So to eliminate this
process PLC panel is installed to Auto start the DG when main power fails.Subscribe to PLC,SCADA,HMI Programming and
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Working is as follows:- when main power goes , a signal is received to PLC and after 2 minutes DG starts . When the Main
supply fail signal is received by PLC then after a delay time (can be from 1 to 2 minute) , output for ACB/Contactor of DG is
 ON and DG starts automatically. Also the ACB/Contractor of main transformer if sent OFF Command. When main power
comes then the signal is again sent to PLC and PLC off the ACB/Contactor of DG and after 2 seconds it on the ACB/Contactor
of main transformer and after 30 seconds it off the DG.
For your better understanding below is the sample program.

Download the PLC Program for AMF :- Click here to Download.