PLC Logic for Auto-Filling of Tank - Free PLC Programming

PLC Logic for Auto-Filling of Tank - Free PLC Programming :-
So as told above if the process of filling is manual then we have to assign this task to a operator to ON the pump when the Tank
empties and OFF the pump when the Tank fills. But in today's scenario all the process are automatic. So today we will discuss
 the automatic filling of tank and automatic ON-OFF of pump according to tank level. We will build a PLC Logic for this complete
application. To write the PLC Program for this process we should understand the logic first. The PLC Logic will be like following :-
To monitor the level in tank we can either use a Ultrasonic/Capacitive level sensor which will give analog input to PLC OR we can
just put two sensor one at HIGH level and another at LOW level and they will give the signal to PLC for HIGH and LOW level respectively.
When the level will be LOW in tank then the PUMP will start and the filling of tank will start and when the level reaches the HIGH
level the PLC will receive the HIGH level signal and the PUMP will stop, so the filling of tank will stop. When again tank empties
the PUMP will start on its own and the process continues. Generally the On and OFF of pump at two levels is a task that requires
little intelligence. Suppose the height of tank is 5000cm then the low level should be around 2000cm and high level at 4600 cm .

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