PLC Programming Pump Running Cycle

The operation of Pump will be according to level. Let us take the height of wet well as 1000MM and Ultrasonic Sensor is there for
 level measurement , when the level reaches 50 MM Pump 1 will start and when level reaches 500MM Pump 2 will start , so the
level will come down and when level again comes at 20MM the cycle will change and next cycle will Start and this process continues on.

We here are making the PLC Logic using the Omron CJ1M PLC , however the Logic can be made in any PLC after
Understanding the PLC Program. CX-Programmer is the the PLC Programming software for programming the Omron PLC.
You can download the PLC Program from below , both .cxp and .pdf files are attached.

PLC Program for Pump Running Sequence.