PLC Programming For Counting Encoder Pulses / Feedback :-

Now we will see the step by step detail for making the PLC Program. First of all we have to decide the condition that when should
the counting start i.e when the pulses given by Encoder will be counted. Generally we want this at the auto-cycle start , So here
we are considering at Auto Bit ok condition , however it can be done as per application requirement.
We here are considering the example of Omron PLC CP1H , in every PLC there is a Instruction for counting the high speed pules,
In Omron it is PRV , so we will write PRV Instruction.
In PRV we have to define the port number where we have connected the Encoder and control Data .
After that the value(encoder pulse value) will coming in one Data Register of PLC.

Download the PLC Program.