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Camera Monitor Shroud

18 June 2014 (A couple hours to design and eight hours to print)

We've probably all seen those inexpensive video cameras with the flip-out monitor screen on the side.  That configuration has many advantages like being able to see what you're recording without having to have your eye in a viewfinder.  A great advantage when shooting over a crowd.  The downside of this configuration is it's impossible to see the display when we're out in blight sunlight.  That is when a viewfinder is nice to have.  The problem is cameras that have both a monitor and viewfinder, and have the capabilities that the one below has, start to get expensive (over a $1000).  A bit high to pay for a viewfinder.  The idea of creating a monitor shroud seemed like a good solution provided I got all the measurements correct.

The Canon Vixia HF M50.  Great camera, and I really wish it also had a viewfinder.
The monitor dimensions are:
92mm x 51mm x 11mm

The monitor shroud design I came up with using OpenSCAD.  The different colors are to make editing easier.  The code is below.

Printing the shroud at HeatSync Labs in Mesa, AZ.  It took about 8 hours to print in PLA plastic.

The completed product.

Testing the fit.  It has a snug fit and didn't rattle or require anything extra to hold it in place.

Another view.

//Monitor shroud for Canon Vixia HF M50 camera and

//other cameras with a 92x51x11mm side monitor

//Colors added to make editing easier

//Written by Athena Roberts

//14 June 2014


// Places shroud in an orientation compatible with 3D printing

translate ([0,56,3])

rotate (a=[0,-90,180])


// Creates the shroud


cube([93,53,3]); // goes behind display


translate ([0,53,0]) cube([102,3,103]); // shade above display


translate ([-3,-3,0]) cube([3,59,103]); // shade left of display


translate ([0,-3,0]) cube([93,3,17]); // below display


translate ([0,0,14]) cube([93,6,3]); // holder below display


translate ([0,47,14]) cube([93,6,3]); // holder above display


translate ([0,6,14]) cube([16,41,3]); // holder left of display