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Some projects I've completed or are in progress.
These are mostly personal projects (ie. not directly connected formal education or work)

(25 June 2020)
A lighting system for the Monoprice Mini Delta 3D printer because it's nice to be able to clearly see what it is printing.

AUX 12V Power Outlet
(7 June 2020)
More work on the auxiliary 12V outlet in my Honda Civic

(3 May 2020)
Attempting to build an adapter to power a video camera via a Li-Ion battery pack

To allow the tripod to point a camera straight up. (February 2020)

Toys to pass the time. (January 2020)

Creating something to allow our camera to run on battery longer. (December 2019)

This is about creating a power adapter for a Sears Craftsman cordless drill. (1 September 2019)

Some of our cabinets are deep.  So, not much light gets in the back.  This is a project to fix that. (1 July 2019)

Added an auxiliary 12V outlet to my Honda Civic (10 June 2019)

Getting involved in the online retail business to create a secondary income (February 2018)

Built an adapter to power a desk lamp in a standard 12V automobile electrical system (5 October 2017)

Converted an off-the-shelf "zero gravity" chair to a comfortable computer chair (10 August 2017)

I've participated in distributed computing projects since May 2002.  After a recent computer upgrade, I restarted my participation in Folding@home (Pande Lab of Stanford University).  It does research in protein structures to understand how various serious diseases occur.  The name of my team is Agora_Aerospace (updated 11 November 2014).

My long-term desire is to create a successful aerospace company.  Unfortunately, that requires much more capital than I have access to right now.  Meanwhile, purchasing the domain name and setting up an LLC is certainly within my reach.
Mission: To explore ultra-low-cost methods of getting to Low Earth Orbit and turn them into a sustainable business. (October 2014)

Created a cover for a small video camera monitor to allow it to be used in blight sunlight (updated 18 June 2014).

Converting a cheap 2-channel RC airplane to a boat starting in March 2014 (updated 7 June 2014).

FreedomCam mount I designed and built in late 2013 (updated 15 April 2016).

No-Mess Kitty Litter Box
A kitty litter box I designed and built late 2013 to keep the cat litter inside the litter box rather than being tracked throughout the house (24 October 2013).

I've made many videos of different events since 2012

Chicken Feeder
I built an automatic chicken feeder for the chickens my roommate and I have from plans she found online in 2011.

Looks like a standard flight planner sheet. But, it calculates wind correction angle, ground speed, time en route for each leg, fuel consumption, etc.  Made around 2005.

This is a weight and balance spreadsheet that automates calculation for R22, R44, and 300C helicopters I made in 2005

Animated GIF
This is an animation I made back in 2001.  I don't remember the software I used (it was something I was able to download for free).  I just wanted to see if I could make an aminated GIF file.  It's very simple but, I really enjoyed getting it to work.  Please click on the picture below to see the animation.