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Here are various things related to my aviation endeavors. I enjoy flying very much and that has prompted me to do things to either entertain myself or to automate the more mundane aspects of flying (like computing weight & balance). I currently hold an airplane and helicopter pilot certificate. Some of the aircraft I have flown are Cessna 152, 172 and 172RG airplanes, Robinson R22 & R44 helicopters and various experimental kit aircraft like the Europa and the Challenger. Click on any of the links below if you are interested.

Weight & Balance
This is a weight and balance spreadsheet that automates calculation for R22, R44, and 300C helicopters. I will add other aircraft later


Flight Planner
Looks like a standard flight planner sheet. But, it calculates wind correction angle, ground speed, time en route for each leg, fuel consumption, etc.


Density Altitude
Simple easy-to-use density altitude calculator that gives close estimation of actual density altitude.



Fun Stuff



Helicopter Private Pilot Ground School Notes

Detailed notes on everything related to helicopter private pilot ground school. R22 helicopter specific information covered where appropriate


Helicopter Flight Lesson Notes

Descriptions of all the flight maneuvers related to getting a private or commercial helicopter certificate