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Tech Squad


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Reflecting on what we've learned

Reflect on what you've learned about this task by discussing the following questions with your colleagues after you complete the project:

1.     What were CCUIT’s most significant vulnerabilities? What factors led to these vulnerabilities? Were you satisfied with the level of recovery that would likely be attained if your team's system security measures? Why or why not? How could the level of security be improved?

2.     What websites or other sources did you find to be the best to help stay current with security threats? How often might (or do) you consult these types of sites on the job?

3.     Which of CCUIT’s assets did you feel were the most important to protect? Why? Which were the areas of greatest weakness for CCUIT?

4.     Did you review the procedures and do you feel that any procedures were not in the best interest of CCUIT's day-to-day operations, or long term business goals? Why or why not?

5.     If your IT Director told you that some of your procedures were not feasible, would you be able to either defend why they are, or provide alternatives?

6.     What process did you follow when writing the student handbook, i.e., what questions did you and your teammates ask yourselves, how did you go about getting the information, how did you organize your procedures, etc.? What would you do the same way if you had to write procedures on the job? What would you do differently?

7.     Do you feel that your team performed its’ best work in creating and producing a high quality and professional student handbook?

8.     Was your presentation persuasive? What techniques or strategies worked for you and your teammates when designing and delivering your presentation? How could you improve your presentation or what would you do differently were you to prepare and give the presentation again?
Now that you have had time to reflect on the project, it is time to evaluate it. See the attached Peer & Self Evaluation form. Everyone on your team was expected to contribute to the manual and participate in the presentation. The purpose of peer review is to provide effective feedback. Take time to conduct a peer review and submit an evaluation form for each of your team members. Also, take a moment for a self-evaluation as well and submit the evaluations to your supervisor.



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Aug 31, 2010, 1:49 PM