Task 3.0: PC Handbook

From: Director, IT Operations
Subject: PC Security Handbook for Students
Attachment(s): Peer Review Checklist Form

Our planning for the CCUIT PC Security Handbook for Students for access to the college network is almost complete.  We now need to compile and verify the information and procedures in the handbook to ensure that it is useful and factually correct. We also want to ensure that our clients as end users of the handbook will find it beneficial in keeping their computer safe from threats and to protect the college network resources.

Your job is to develop a chapter the student handbook and present your section of the manual to the Director of IT & Operations. In order to accomplish this, you will need to:

·       Understand the work specifications

·       Work together as a team

·       Divide tasks to better manage your time

·       Think logically and procedurally to complete all details of this project

 Your supervisor will assign specific Tasks for your team to complete. Our department has gathered Resources for you and your team to reference as you complete the Tasks assigned. If you have suggestions for additional resources, please email them to your supervisor for consideration. Be certain to review the Requirements and Resources sections for each task before you embark on your solution.

In addition to other forms of evaluation from your supervisor, please see the attached peer review checklist form. It should be used as a baseline and guide for gathering feedback on your team process.

After you have completed each task, review the Debrief questions to confirm your learning and understanding.
Welcome to the team!