C. Debrief



Tech Squad


Director, IT & Operations


Reflecting on what we've learned

Reflect on what you've learned about this task by discussing the following questions with your colleagues after you complete the project:

  1. What does securing a computer mean to you?  What do you know about this?  What has happened to you or your friends and family?


  1. What are some of the issues surrounding security access?  What problems have you experience in the area of security access?


  1. How would you define the terms:
    1. Access control?
    2. Identity management?
    3. Risk assessment?


  1. What other categories did your firm come up with? 


  1. What is one thing you learned during this process in terms of computer security that you didn’t know?  Do you now feel you know it?  If so, what helped you come to that understanding?  If not, what next steps could you take to come to a better understanding?