A. Requirements





IT Department


Selecting categories for research


Your written proposal with justifications for investigation, testing and evaluation within one of four security categories identified by the client. The proposal must be submitted to the client per their timeline and delivery method for review and approval.


Action Plan:

  1. At this point, your consulting firm will be divided into smaller consulting teams and each team will be matched to one of the categories determined in the sorting process.
  2.  Each consulting team will then take the brainstormed ideas for its assigned category and develop a proposal with justifications for investigation, testing and evaluation for the client.


Checklist for Submitting Your Proposal:

The proposal must contain information required by your client to further investigate your particular category. Specifically the written proposal must include but not limited to:

·         Relevance and justification of your category as it pertains to addressing client needs

·         Questions you intend to research

·         Tests you intend to perform


As a reminder, the client is eager to read your materials, so please recall that your proposal must be submitted per the client’s timeline and delivery method.