Task 2.2: Solutions

To:            IT Squad project team

From:        Dr. Dilbert, IT Squad Manager

Re:            What do you suggest as a solution?

I have discussed your threat analysis findings with the client and they agree.  They are looking forward to the solution(s) that will help their students protect their computers from these threats.  You next task is to create technical documentation of the problem, solution and define a test plan check list.
The document is called a "technical" document because it is not intended for the end user to understand.  It is to be written in technical terms with attention to the small details of both the problem and solution.  Do this by describing the problem in parts.  Then describe the solution in relation to each part of the problem.  Be as technically detailed as you can.  Ask the squad manager or industry expert (client) more questions if need be.
You may take into consideration constraints of the resources (Time, money, Personnel, Network bandwidth, etc…).
Provide a technical document that clearly defines the parts of the problem in technical terms and the solutions to each part of the problem.  It should also include a checklist for testing the solutions.  The checklist points are:

§  Who will test

§  What will be tested

§  Where: in what environment (Windows, Mac)  or (I.E., Firefox) and why

§  How results will be observed and recorded.