A. Requirements

From: Director, IT & Operations
Subject: PC Security Handbook for Students
Attachment(s): Handbook & Presentation Requirements
Thanks for all your research; it's always good to consider the threats and opportunities for better security on our campus. This directive describes the work that remains to be done.
There are two (2) deliverables for your next task:
  1. Develop a Chapter of the PC Security Handbook for Students
  2. Make a Presentation to the IT Department to defend the relevance of your teams' section of the handbook
It's time to get to work on our handbook for computer security procedures, a guide that will help our students and our campus IT services stay safer.  Most colleges use a student handbook to inform students about appropriate behaviors on campus, to alert students to important college policies or procedures and to protect both students and the college IT systems from potentially dangerous or illegal activities. The areas that you identified earlier will serve as the four sections in the handbook:

·       Access Control

·       Protecting against Attacks

·       Protecting against Data Loss

·       Versioning, Patches and Updates

Each group has taken ownership of a section. You and your teammates will need to develop the content for that section and make sure that it complies with the handbook requirements.  Your group will then give a 15-minute presentation to the IT Department personnel. 

There is a lot to consider, but between your knowledge of computer security issues and the resources available, you should be fine. Let me know if you run into problems.

We'll all have to go out and celebrate soon. Hang in there.

IT Director