A. Requirements





IT Department


Selecting categories for research



You will deliver to the client a list of security categories for potential further research and exploration to address the client’s needs.  All the ideas from the brainstorming session must be logically placed in general categories that can be easily understood by the client.


Action Plan:


1.      You must begin by brainstorming everything you currently know about security.  Consider all creative ideas and be as exhaustive as possible and non-judgmental.

2.      Secondly, move to all items you might not know or understand about security that may be relevant to this task.  Again, consider all ideas as valid and reserve judgment.

3.      Then, begin to identify the gaps between what you know and what you don’t know.  The client asks you to be thorough.  Be sure to consider what else you might have missed.    

4.      Take a look at the results and notice the repetition of words or ideas.  Begin to sort and group logically these ideas into a few descriptive but broad categories.