Welcome to TriPal Arts website. TriPal Arts is the studio name for the work and activity of the husband wife art team of Janet TRIsler and George PALovich. This is a true partnership of over fifty years. Most of the work is for sale except those marked "NFS", or "SOLD", which are examples of works that are older, sold or given to family, friends, associates and fellow artists.
"Exhibits - Work On Display" (below) tells you where you can see our work on display in exhibitions and venues that have our work for sale.

The link "Woodcut Prints" below, takes you to the limited edition print section. These are all hand pulled wood block prints. Now you can see how they are made. Use the same link. A picture story of how I do them is on the bottom of page.

The "Teaching Art and Our Sessions" section covers where George is teaching classes and when. Dates for studio drawing with a model are here as well.

Sections of this site are changing all the time as new art is added on a regular basis (at least once a month).

Exhibits - Work On Display

Woodcut Prints         

Teaching Art and Our Sessions

Life Drawing Newsletter

If you would like to read George's discussions on individual works he has created, go to his Artavita website.

Ceramic by Jan
Painting by George

See Teaching Art and Our Sessions for dates of meetings. (link at left of page)

If you are receiving our monthly Drawing Newsletter, the above link provides extras not in the newsletter or pictorial additions and/or pdfs of special articles.

Sculpture by George

Dolls created by Jan. They are 28" long and have portraits of George and Jan for faces.

Classes currently offered at the studio are:
Life Drawing (open session, no instruction).

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