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aGrep is a open-source text search program like a "grep".

aGrep can ...
-search text from text files in the external storage.(support Regular Expression)
-detect encoding of asian language character code. (Japanese, Chinese ,Korean etc.. )
-be started by SEARCH-intent.
-view the result by filename,line-number and content.
-have a internal text viewer.
-start any external app which can receive VIEW-intent.

== Screen Shot ==

== Support OS ==
Android OS 1.5 or later

== Download ==
 from Android Market   market
 from Web  Github

jiro-aqua's aGrep at master - GitHub

== Contact ==

  If you want to contact me (developper) , send message on the blog , mail or Twitter.


Copyright (C) 2010, Aquamarine Networks.

Blog: http://pandora.sblo.jp/article/38783602.html

Mail : Jiro <pandora@aquamarine.sakura.ne.jp>

Twitter: @jiro_aqua